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What is the healX healthcare Protocol for Health Practitioners?

healX healthcare was formed to provide a forum for healthcare practitioners who are interested in becoming a part of the New Medicine Foundation (NMF).  To increase their learning on how to understand NMF principles and apply them to assist their patients and enhance their practice in their community.

healX healthcare's Basic Principle for Health Practitioners

The basic principle of NMF care is to REMOVE what is ailing the body and REPLACE what is missing. While some of the key ingredients to the healing systems are prescription level, much of what is provided to the patient is able to be provided by all healthcare practitioners regardless of background and license.

Though there may be some differences in state laws and regulations, most states allow healthcare practitioners of all backgrounds to prescribe and evaluate laboratory tests, provide health and lifestyle counseling, guidance and refer patients out to the appropriate medical provider(s) for those Rx needs they decide may be required. 

The Benefits of healX healthcare Membership Health Practitioners

As a member of healX, health practitioners will receive ongoing education in how to provide the NMF standards for ordering, interpreting, and reporting laboratory evaluations, implementing and providing weekly guidance and support through the NMF detoxification program 'Cell Center', and providing standardized NMF approved key nutritional products for those deficiencies correctable with non-prescription compounds.

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Physician Requirements

Initiation Fee: 

Completion of NMF treatment / Educational Program for membership is essential (CellCenter Detoxification Kit and Biochemistry Panels).  Completion of  the program is required to understand it, to answer questions about it and to promote it.


Why Should I Join healX?

As a group of health practitioners within the New Medicine Foundation, healX health practitioners will add to the strength of the New Medicine movement to create a new force and direction in healthcare with the potential to transform the system.

Learn to efficiently and effectively diagnose the true foundational biochemical / nutritional / and hormonal imbalances at the core of a patients health problems instead of feeling 'at odds' with the patients traditional healthcare team and diagnosis.

Expand your knowledge base and skills with which to provide top level and highly effective care systems to your patients that are in such need of a better style of healthcare.

Increase the patients and profits of your practice immediately by offering NMF based treatment and systems.

Be a part of the new movement in healthcare to sustain our health, race, and planet.

  • Increase your services and income INSTANTLY
  • Increase office visits. While on program adjust minimum 1-2 times per week, due to rapid re-sizing and biomechanical changes.
  • Learn to read labs and accurately balance hormones the New Medicine way.
  • No interference with a busy office.
  • Attract new patients- Let’s face it weight loss is the main attraction, but getting healthy is the end result.
  • Help fix our crumbling medical system. There are NO other Organic Medical Program Available
  • Training course and unlimited continuing education provided by NMF Doctor: Dr. Edward Pearson, MD, ABIHM to teach how to prescribe and evaluate labs the “New Medicine Way” patient by patient
  • Additional profit available through sales of NMF approved PureCell Brand Nutrient Replacements
What are the direct benefits of being a member of healX?
  • Learn how to practice organic and sustainable healthcare the NMF way.
  • Official educational sessions / webinars / material forthcoming and to be determined by its members.
  • High end and complimentary dinner and meetings several times a year.
  • One or two official 'vacation' style meetings to discuss higher level NMF issues and healthcare growth.
  • Unlimited access to NMF counseling and Q & A.
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