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Creating Compelling Content Using Social Media

Let’s face it, some of your content sucks. It’s boring, it’s frivolous, can u buy instagram followers and it just sits there flat on the page collecting dust. You built it because someone told you that “content is king” and you need a ton of it in order to survive in the cutthroat modern day internet ecosystem. Now your budgets are all but spent, your writers have put down their pencils, your CEO is looking at you and wondering why the traffic graph doesn’t look like a hockey stick, and you’re left with a heap of stale and uninteresting text on a website or you have social media content that no one cares about. What are you going to do? You could go into denial and pretend that everything is going to work out… eventually. Or, you could scrap the whole “content for content’s sake” concept altogether, go back to the drawing board, and produce new, compelling content that people will actually give a damn about.

Using Social Media

Identify your targets

Your first mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify the people with the loudest voices in your market. If you want your content to go places on the internet, you need to convince people with established audiences to share it with their followers. If you can get those people to share your how to buy followers on instagram for free stuff, chances are their audience is going to start sharing it too, creating a ripple effect. Followerwonk is an app owned by SEOmoz that spits out incredibly useful Twitter analytics. You can use these analytics to explore Twitter’s social graph, pinpoint potential influencers in your market, and learn about their social behavior.

Figure out what they like to talk about

you’ve got your targets. Now it’s time to figure out what each one likes to talk about. To do this you’re going to have to analyze their tweets, blog, and any other social media content channels they’re on. You can do this manually by following them and reading the backlogs for a while, or you can use a tool buy real instagram followers like Tweet Archivist. Your shiny new piece of social media content has finally been built, and it’s a perfect amalgamation of everything your targets love. It’s sitting on your site, just waiting to be read and spread like a wildfire. There’s just one more step: You have to let your targets know you created something.

Create something they’ll talk about

The trick to building something your target influencer will talk about is finding those interesting convergences in his areas of interest. For Brian, maybe an article like “How Pat Flynn Used his Blog to Get a Job in the Film Industry” or “How Bloggers Could Learn a Thing or Two about Promotion from this Year’s Oscars!” would get his attention. Use all of your research to hone in on topics that sound like something your targets would share. If you find buy 20 instagram followers that your target loves to share videos but doesn’t really share articles, don’t spend your time making an article for him. Above all, stress substance over style. Your content needs to be unique and valuable. Don’t just look at the last 10 things your target shared and copy those. Add your own insights, put your own spin on them, and make sure you’re offering something worthwhile.

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