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Coming to Quang Nam in Vietnam, you should not ignore Tranh River - is a drawing made poetic and colorful paintings nay.Song of land is a branch of the Thu Bon River. Song Tranh's the Thu Bon river winding like a soft silk squeezed around the jungle. Tien Phuoc and Hiep flow through Germany. River dreamily beautiful paintings at the dawn. The fog blowing around the vast rivers quiet emerald hills bending over glue and vast green jungle. Overhead, the occasional streak sunny morning mist coming down that river water is quietly drifting sparkling silver colored rays easy enthralls tourists groggy.
However, along the river, as people on the upstream Nam Tra My district, tourist entry with visa for Vietnam, will detect Tranh River is not always gentle and mellow. Narrowing the stretch when flowing through the undulating cliffs, raging rivers created constantly creating waves white foam hitting the rocks. The beauty of moving from gentle river, dreaming of wild, intense. Admire the strange change that, then you will not feel confused and out of love brings. Not only that, the magical, miraculous nature of the surrounding scenery will surely make you fascinated and entranced first sight. In shallow water the day, you will have the opportunity to see more clearly the rocks inside the fantasy life and a lot of strange shapes, unique.

These days the river banks wildflowers bloom, you will sink in the same sprawling wild looks of wildflowers grow freely.
 Sitting on a small boat down the middle of the water, you can see the vast sky or the simplicity of the little house Ca Dong ethnic looming behind the trees on the hill. Who are familiar with life rushed and stifling atmosphere of the city shall be daydreaming under cloudy wind, touching the cool waters or breathing the fresh air in the Tranh River will be full of interesting experiences and memorable.
Also, in the river upstream, you will encounter many fish cages in the lake and small boats along the wharf at the foot of the hill - create vivid point here. In the lake there are over 100 kinds of fish cages as red snapper, tilapia, catfish .... If visitors can leisurely visit some friends to buy fish or red snapper baked grass carp by homeowners to enjoy the spot, feel the sweet taste of meat and fish here without a place you can enjoy . Eat and chat with Ca Dong ethnic people, listen to their sincere words of everyday life is idyllic memories you never forget.
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