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The Best Adventure Action Game You Can't Miss From Gameloft

  If you heard about Uncharted, I’m sure you will fall in love with Shadow Guardian. Try it out on Android today - no more boredom for you! 

Gameloft has long been known as the king of making the top game brand on the smartphone platform. The best games on consoles and PC such as Final Fantasy, Halo, and Grand Theft Auto has been revived to become the most popular games on the smartphone market with the help of Gameloft. 

Uncharted - a PS3 adventure game series is not out of sight of Gameloft.

Shadow Guardian HD comes with Sony's Uncharted look. Gameloft's copy of almost all of the Naughty Dog studio’s products. If you are familiar with Uncharted, Shadow Guardian is no stranger. 


  You will hide behind the shields, fight back against the enemy and climb to solve the simple puzzle. The highlight of the game is the graphics system is good and the sound is great.

Plot in Shadow Guardian HD

The Shadow Guardian can be considered as an Uncharted franchise on a smartphone platform with a combination of combat, puzzle, and adventure. The main character of Shadow Guardian is Jason Call - a treasure hunter with the ambition to find the legendary Prima Materia. 

However, Jason is not the only one pursuing this treasure - a dark force also wants possession of it to master the world. Ironically, the mercenary boss's daughter comes to Jason's side for some personal reasons, making the relationship in Shadow Guardian even more complicated.

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  Unlike Uncharted, the plot is not the strength of Shadow Guardian. In the game, players will take on various adventures around the world: from snow-capped peaks in Antarctica to mountains to Egyptian ruins and ancient tombs. Shadow Guardian's gameplay can be divided into two different divisions: climbing and puzzle solving, and shooting and fighting. 

  Gameplay in Shadow Guardian 

As for climbing, Jason can climb and cling to almost any surface in the game: cliffs, water pipes, scaffolds. Unfortunately, Jason usually has to move in a single direction. There is no chance to explore the world around you. To avoid being in a linear state, the developer added hidden objects to each stage for the player to explore.
The Shadow Guardian's defensive-style combat system is highly dependent on the shielding system and cover-ups in the game, forcing the player to choose a duel instead of ramming the ram. Also, Jason can launch deadly melee attacks to knock down the enemy quickly and neatly when the opportunity arises.

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  Facing Jason is not only a brutal mercenary force, but also legendary freak monsters and deadly war machines such as tanks and combat helicopters. The game is a perfect mix between the quiet and calm adventure segment with firefighting at high speed.


It can be said that Shadow Guardian is one of the best graphics action adventure games on Android so far, with high-end shadows, detail, and vibrancy. Character animation is exceptionally soft. With its compelling gameplay, appeal and top-notch graphics, Shadow Guardian has been and will conquer the players like the way Uncharted has enchanted PS3 gamers. 

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  If you like Uncharted, you can choose Shadow Guardian to play for your free time. Share with us your experience in this game!
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