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Gameloft recently introduced one of its new games called Dragon Mania Legends with which continues to reap great profits and much success that has characterized it over the last few months, but the games of this company are full of secrets and so we have found the way in which will benefit all who play Dragon Mania Legends Hack this sensational title.

The game has many secrets that we have to discover little by little, the main characters are dragons and there are many tips for Dragon Mania Legends that we can use to move much faster without having to spend real money or fall into despair.

Tips for Dragon Mania Legends

  • Intelligent combat: we have to be a little smarter than the other rivals of the game, for this, we have to raise the level dragons to be able to attack. In each new confrontation, you must select the dragons according to the elements that will be used and it is certain that they will obtain a triumph. Always Matches Tinder Solution try to defeat the strongest dragon of your adversary, so the battle will become to your advantage and simpler.
  • Level up : make the habitats level up, it will allow more dragons to be there and with it you can save money and of course space, which you may need later. If you level up on the farms you get access to new crops that ultimately provide you with food for your dragons.
  • Use the fruits wisely : when your dragons reach level 5 it will become harder to be able to raise them to the next level, so you will Tinder Matches Hack need more futas, so it's time to start a strategy and think which dragons you should raise them to level so as not to waste the fruits that we have foolishly.

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