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Guillaume's comments: I've seen videos on Facebook of a FIFA 18 cheat but I tried it and could not generate credits or FUT points on my account. A friend told me about this site because apparently it is a reference to the world of cheating mobile video games. So I tested this FIFA 18 trick and I can tell you that I had hundreds of FUT points and that's really great. Especially when the game has just come out it helps a lot to make a good FUT team. Dark guys on this cheat FIFA 18
Opinion of Loic: I was tired of seeing my friends with teams of sick, so I searched on the internet a FIFA 18 cheat . I wanted to have unlimited credits or FUT points. My parents do not want to buy me credits ... That's why I really wanted to find a cheat or a glitch on FIFA 18. I came to this site, I download the tip and I can tell you that it's really good. I manage to generate credits it is not hyper fast but at least it works!
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