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Twitter Adds Bing Translation Tool To Its Site And Mobile Apps

After toying with the feature for a couple of years, more twitter followers has officially added Bing Translator to its site, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and TweetDeck. Once users activate the tool in their account setting, they will see a little globe icon next to tweets in different languages. A translation appears below the original tweet once the globe is clicked. The majority of Twitter users—77 percent—are based in countries outside the U.S., so it’s surprising that the site has taken so long to implement an in-line translation tool, which has been available on Facebook since 2011. An easy translation tool could potentially help companies that do marketing on Twitter reach more users without having to create separate accounts for different languages. This week has been a busy one for Twitter. In addition to the translation tool, it also launched its “While You Were Away” recap feature, which differs dramatically from the real-time experience Twitter is known for, and could potentially attract casual users who enjoy Twitter but don’t want to spend every waking minute glued to it to avoid missing out on conversations and tweets. Twitter also confirmed the acquisition of India’s ZipDial, an interesting company that lets consumers call a number, hang up before they incur charges, and then receive a phone call or SMS with information about a business. ZipDial is designed to appeal to users in India, where data plans are relatively expensive, and may help Twitter build its business there.

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The King of Twitter and CEO of Shots

When in 2013, Facebook had to take a page down that had attracted buy twitter followers for $5 cyberbullies that once was a place for teens to post their selfies, brothers John and Sam Shahidi knew something had to be done. You see, that specific Facebook page had gained 17,000 photos and the comment section started to become a place where cyberbullying manifested itself and spread like a virus. Cyberbullying didn't just affect the teens who have posted to that page. In fact, 52% of students report being bullied on social media, most of this happening in the comment sections that many social media sites have. They took their own need of wanting to be understood by others and created a plan to create their own application. That was the birth of the photo sharing app - Shots. The app allows a user to post photos and videos just like most photo sharing sites. However, true to its original mission, there is no comment sections, no publicly visible follower count, and nothing is anonymous. The only direct communication a person can have with another is directly messaging them. The Shahidi brothers made it so the photos and videos posted are the main source of communication between users. Comment sections are where cyberbullies lurk because it is easiest to indirectly attack someone's photo than go into their profile to attack them privately. Anonymity fosters bad behavior among others because some people don't understand that there are real people that read the hateful things that are sent to them and make the bully feel that since their name isn't connected to it, they won't get into trouble.

Twitter's User Problem: Fastest Gains Are People That Don't See Ads

Investors who drove up where to buy twitter followers Inc.'s market value by more than $3 billion this week might want to read the fine print. The company on Tuesday reported that its second-quarter revenue more than doubled, and growth in the number of people using its service is rebounding, a positive sign for investors who feared Twitter's popularity had peaked. But buried in legalese in an online presentation accompanying Twitter's earnings report is a number that reveals an unsettling trend: The share of users who never see advertisements on Twitter is accelerating, while growth of those who do see ads is shrinking. Of the 271 million people counted in Twitter's latest tally, 14%, or 37.9 million, never log in directly to Twitter's website or mobile app, the only places where Twitter serves ads. Instead, they connect through hundreds of thousands of third-party applications that the users have given permission to link to how to get more twitter followers. These are the users who, for example, read tweets on digital-news app Flipboard, share photos on Twitter from Instagram, blast their location from Foursquare, or tweet stories from news sites. But they never open Twitter's mobile app or log in to, so they don't see Twitter's ads.

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