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FIFA 18 vs PES 2018: Recordings of French comments started

If we are at the moment expectant concerning the two simulations of football that should brighten our evenings during the 2017-2018 season, we learn that some things happen behind the scenes. FIFA 17 Points Hack

The match has not yet started. But it is doubtful that the official and illustrated announcements of FIFA 18 and PES 2018 should not be delayed. Normally.

While waiting to know who will be the most faithful to the ball, we are content with what we have. In this case, it was discovered that the recording sessions of the comments of the two games had begun. A few days apart. The first to shoot? EA Sports. And it was HervĂ© Mathoux who revealed it on Twitter.

We will, therefore, keep in France the same duet of Canal +, which seems to have fun. Get to know if we will still be entitled to "peeeeeeeeeeeeeeut-be the goal" that popped for several years.

And for Konami, we already know one, who chirped this Saturday, May 13: the journalist of TF1 GrĂ©goire Margotton:

A headset, a microphone, a screen, two vocal cords ... Let's go!

Not the same atmosphere. FIFA 18 Coins Hack That said, he does not tell us if he will be accompanied again by Trap's great poet, Darren Tullet. Unless someone else is joining him. Who knows. And now that we know all that, you can send the game. We're ready. And hot.

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