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The Influence of Social Networking Participation on Student Academic Performance Across Gender Lines

Participation with technology for social purposes has become the mainstream communication method for many people in the past several years. In particular, adolescents in high school have adopted these forms of communication as the paramount way to keep in touch with family buy 50 likes instagram and friends. Social Networking websites, such as Facebook and MySpace are the most popular places for these students to spend their time, and are the primary focus of this study. The researcher examined the impact of social networking participation among a sample of high school students to determine how this involvement affects academic performance, future plans, and overall attitude towards school. Differences between male and female students regarding academic achievement, performance, and social networking use will also be identified and discussed. Recommendations for school counselors and further studies will be offered.The increased use of Social Networking Websites has become an international phenomenon in the past several years. What started out as a hobby for some computerliterate people has become a social norm and way of life for people from all over the world (Boyd, 2007). Teenagers and young adults have especially embraced these sites as a way to connect with their peers, share information, reinvent their personalities, and showcase their social lives

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Adoption of social networking sites among Pakistani university students

Social Networking Sites (SNSs), these attracted millions of users from all around the world. The SNSs have changed the communication ways of people from more traditional to modern approaches. can i buy instagram likes This study aims to examine diffusion and adoption of among Pakistani university students using Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) with an extension of Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB). The study used stratified random & pre-tested questionnaire based on 5-point Likert scale to record answers. Structural Equation Modeling using AMOS Graphics 20.0, reliability statistics and descriptive statistics were used to illustrate & analyze collected data. The findings indicate surprising outcomes about no significant impact of perceived enjoyment, perceived ease of use, news, and attitude factor of TAM and TRA found on intention to use Facebook. Perceived usefulness & social norm proved to be the most important factors. With the help of these findings, marketers and advertisers can better develop their marketing strategies and advertising campaigns, e.g. especially viral marketing. The insufficient sample confined area and dependence of findings on prior tested theories of TAM impose limitations on the generalizability of findings.

In the past five years, much research has been done on the emotional consequences of social networking site participation, but not much has been studied on the academic outcomes. buy more likes on instagram I chose to do this research study because I think attention must be placed on high school students and the relationship between social networking involvement and their academic performance. I also wanted to understand how gender impacted this study, since male and female students may have different reasons for participating in social networking, and may have different academic practices. Since most recent research on social networking websites has been done on college students, the review of literature is divided into several parts. First, I will discuss social networking sites; What they are and how important they have become.

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