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The social network that you can wear

Once was a time when finding out if you were compatible with someone involved a complex social interplay of body language, conversational nuance and good food and wine.Tomorrow it could simply be a matter of reading someone else's T-shirt.A joint venture between design teams at MIT's Tangible Media Group and the Fluid Interface Group have incorporated the social network into a garment which signals to other wearers your interests, associations buy active instagram followersand even if people are compatible organ donors.The group of MIT students behind the project - Viirj Kan, Katsuya Fujii, Judith Amores, and Chang Long Zhu Jin - wanted to look at ways of seeing how social media worked outside the confines of the computer screen."We wanted to examine more tangible ways of representing ourselves in social media," Kan told CNN."While what you wear is very public, social media is able to show who you are to thousands more people and this creates really big social consequences but it often doesn't feel that way."After that, all the T-shirt has to do is detect another T-shirt within 12 feet of a receiver in its collar and the wearer is alerted through a haptic motor which literally 'taps' the wearer alerting them to the fact there's another wearable device in the room.As with all social interaction, the experience is graded.After the T-shirt has alerted you to the fact there's another wearer in the room, capacitive sensors in the shirt read either a handshake, touch or high five before the T-shirt starts transmitting your data and you begin wearing your heart on your sleeve.

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Children and Social Networking

Social Networking Sites play an important role in the lives of many young people. Over 60% of 13-17 year olds have at least one profile on a social networking site, many spending more than 2 hours per day on social networking sites. how do you buy followers on instagram Social networking sites can present opportunities to youth who participate with them but like any activity there are also associated risks and it is important for parents to help their children use these sites wisely.Social networking sites are a widely accepted part of many teenagers' lives and proactive parenting can help them be a fun part of their teenager's social life. However if you feel your adolescent is spending too much time on social networking sites or is involved in inappropriate behaviors while using these sites please seek out the help of a professional who can help you and your child find balance and appropriateness in the usage of this medium.This is a social networking website for language teachers. it also requires a sign up and once you become a member you will get to meet educators from all around the world discussing issues that have to do with language teaching.

This is a site dedicated to providing/sharing the best resources and methods available for EFL / ESL teachers and students on the internet and around the globe.. A site by teachers and students for teachers and students. instagram followers buy The focus is on materials/methods that help language learning and teaching." Global collaboration is necessary to show students that they are part of something bigger then them. That the world needs to be protected and that we need to care for all people. You can show them pictures of kids in other countries but why not have them speak to each other ? Then the caring can begin."We've got a working prototype but we've yet to test it on users -- that's definitely the next step," Kan said.She said the ability of the shirt to transmit data is only limited by the imagination of the designer.Groups that need to find each other in a crowd -- from industry conferences to people who are part of a niche interest -- are likely to want to use the clothing to find like-minded souls."Perhaps if you need to know other vegetarians -- or those with a vegetarian lifestyle -- so it helps to know if I was at a burger place who around me is a vegetarian," Kan said.While the shirt is still in the research and development phase, the group says that commercial sponsors have a growing interest in the product."We're testing its capabilities -- it's hard to say what its limits are," she said.

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