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What is PureCell?

What is PureCell?

The New Medicine Foundation's standardized prescription bio-identicals, detoxification agents, and nutritional replacement products are necessary to set a standard to be followed by this largely unregulated segment of the industry.

PureCell and Proper Biochemical Procedures

Biochemical effectiveness is an absolute necessity in creating a true and widely accepted new movement in healthcare.

Much of the lack of tolerance for non-traditional care today is due to the lack of a standard of necessary biochemical deficiency treatments and products.

PureCell Products Overview For Reducing Weight and Hormone Imbalance

PureCell products have met the Foundations standards for effectiveness and quality:

  • PureCell Pure C Vitamin C
  • PureCell Pure B Homocysteine Reduction + Adrenal Formula
  • PureCell Pure D3 Immunity Formula
  • PureCell PureZyme Digestive Enzymes
  • PureCell Pure Probiotics Max Defense Daily 30 Billion CFU
  • PureCell Pure Probiotics Max Defense 100 Billion CFU
  • PureCell PureDine Supra Dose Iodine
  • PureCell PureMag Magnesium
  • PureCell PureSleep Melatonin
  • PureCell Daily DeTox - Chocolate Flavor
  • PureCell Daily DeTox - Vanilla Flavor
  • PureCell Pure Energy Vitality + Antioxidant Formula Green Tea Extract
  • PureCell PureOmega Omega 780 EC (Fish Oil)
  • PureCell PurePro V Vegan Protein Shake Mix
  • PureCell Anti-Oxidant Blend Phytonutrients + GI Support

NMF recommends the above products to all members of NMF, healX Healthcare, and DNA to ensure effective restoration of biochemical balance and health.

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