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What is PureCell?

What is PureCell?

The New Medicine Foundation's standardized prescription bio-identicals, detoxification agents, and nutritional replacement products are necessary to set a standard to be followed by this largely unregulated segment of the industry.

PureCell and Proper Biochemical Procedures

Biochemical effectiveness is an absolute necessity in creating a true and widely accepted new movement in healthcare.

Much of the lack of tolerance for non-traditional care today is due to the lack of a standard of necessary biochemical deficiency treatments and products.

PureCell Products Overview For Reducing Weight and Hormone Imbalance

PureCell products have met the Foundations standards for effectiveness and quality:

  • PureCell Pure C Vitamin C
  • PureCell Pure B Homocysteine Reduction + Adrenal Formula
  • PureCell Pure D3 Immunity Formula
  • PureCell PureZyme Digestive Enzymes
  • PureCell Pure Probiotics Max Defense Daily 30 Billion CFU
  • PureCell Pure Probiotics Max Defense 100 Billion CFU
  • PureCell PureDine Supra Dose Iodine
  • PureCell PureMag Magnesium
  • PureCell PureSleep Melatonin
  • PureCell Daily DeTox - Chocolate Flavor
  • PureCell Daily DeTox - Vanilla Flavor
  • PureCell Pure Energy Vitality + Antioxidant Formula Green Tea Extract
  • PureCell PureOmega Omega 780 EC (Fish Oil)
  • PureCell PurePro V Vegan Protein Shake Mix
  • PureCell Organic Coconut Oil
  • PureCell Anti-Oxidant Blend Phytonutrients + GI Support

NMF recommends the above products to all members of NMF, healX Healthcare, and DNA to ensure effective restoration of biochemical balance and health.

Click Here To Purchase PureCell Products NMF's Clean and Simple Ordering Site

PureCell products are available at discounted prices, as compared to those obtained from similar high quality vendors.

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