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Anti-Candida Program Details

NMF is endorsing and promoting an anti-Candida therapeutic trial program for individuals that are dealing with health issues that have yet to be remedied through other treatments.  It has been found that the possibility of an undetected Candida fungus overgrowth might be the culprit affecting patients that have yet to find a remedy to various ailments. While Candida isn't necessarily the cause of specific health issues, it can be the source of the inability for the body to heal.  If you have ever experienced an overgrowth situation, we know that most will attest to the fact that it can be painful and even debilitating.

Candida Albicans is a fungus that lives in our intestines. This fungus is capable of producing 180 chemical toxins that can literally shut down the thyroid, push hormones off kilter, cause weight fluctuations along with alcohol and sugar cravings, muscle and joint pain, loss of libido and memory, depression and a host of other maladies. Some specific toxins produced by Candida include acetaldehyde, ammonia and uric acid. These harmful substances (along with a long list of other toxins) can enter your bloodstream and cause a host of diverse symptoms.

Chronic inflammation symptoms have been found to be remarkably similar to many Candida symptoms.  Those symptoms include joint pain, fatigue, allergies and digestive problems. Research has found that there is a powerful link between chronic inflammation and Candida.  An inflammatory response is your body’s way of dealing with Candida and its byproducts. This inflammation contributes to many of the symptoms regularly associated with Candida. An over population of Candida delays the body's ability to heal and the inability to heal, promotes inflammation. The vicious cycle is set in motion with low-level inflammation promoting increased fungal colonization and increased fungal colonization promoting more inflammation.  

To this end, NMF has put together a program and is offering tools that are needed in order to determine if an overgrowth of Candida could possibly be related to some or all of your health issues. The first thing you will want to do is complete the questionnaire. Completing the questionnaire will help determine the severity of the yeast overgrowth and how best to move forward for treatment.  

If you along with the various health care providers that you have seen over the course of several months to several years have yet to alleviate your health issues, we strongly recommend a therapeutic trial of an anti-Candida protocol.  To date, it seems that this is the best way to determine if Candida could be the cause of your issues.  The doctor can determine which anti-fungals would be most beneficial to you.  Each person is different and these recommendations will be determined by the doctor on a case by case basis.  

We do offer fungus testing however it is expensive and not always reliable. The biggest issue is that most individuals will test positive due to the fact that we all have fungus in our intestinal track. What is difficult to determine is the amount of fungus present.  An overgrowth is difficult to establish hence the reason for the questionnaire.  If the doctor thinks it is vitally necessary, he will suggest that you get the testing done. In most cases, however, this testing is at the discretion of the patient.  

 Program includes:

1.            Candida Test Questionnaire to determine the severity of the Candida in the body.

2.            Consult with Doctor and/or Coach to determine a plan of action including the necessity for further saliva and stool testing.

3.            Once payment is received, preparations begin for the start of the program.  One or more of the following prescriptions will be prescribed.  These can be covered by insurance and careful evaluation by patient and insurance representative is recommended.  Remember, NMF and the compounding pharmacy that we use, do not get involved in insurance matters. Guidelines and rules of coverage differ from policy to policy, state to state, country to country and insurance package to insurance package. Receipts and prescription details will be given to patient.  It is the patient's responsibility for coverage and reimbursement details beyond that.  Prescriptions that might be prescribed depending on length and severity of existing conditions include but are not limited to:  Diflucan, Sporanox, Nizoral and Nystatin.  The use of these  antifungal drugs is through prescription only and will be determined by the doctor during the consultation.

4.            Patient will receive a detailed explanation of the plan complete with food ideas, recipes, etc. 

5.            The dosage of anti-fungals and the length of treatment will depend on the severity of the overgrowth.  The goal is to stay on the diet and treatment until the immune system has recovered.  The course of treatment for recovery has been documented to take from three months to two years and in some cases longer for more severe cases.  The length of treatment will also depend on how true you are to the diet, especially during the first three to four weeks.  The goal is to be sure that the yeast will not reinvade your digestive tract with an overgrowth and cause the return of symptoms.  An overgrowth of fungus happens quickly so staying the course is mandatory if you want to rid yourself of this troubling, debilitating nuisance once and for all and as quickly as possible.

6.            Food wise you will be consuming mainly protein and vegetables and avoiding all sugar, yeast, mold producing and high carbohydrate foods along with any foods that you may be allergic to.  Your coach will review the plan of action with you once you have read the procedures thoroughly.

7.            Thorough coaching is included through the entire program. 

8.            Program will last from 3 months to 1 year. 

For those ready to begin a therapeutic trial treatment, the protocol follows based on questionnaire scores, again, with the final prescriptions and treatment being determined by the doctor. 

If you have questions or need to obtain a copy of the questionnaire contact 

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