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 The Detoxification Network of America (DNA)

Welcome to DNA. The ‘Detoxification Network of America’ is the only organic marketing movement designed to provide patient education, counseling and support. We are an organization of people just like you who are motivated, health conscious and want to help others reach their maximum genetic potential.

The Detoxification Movement of America's Vision

We are seeking like-minded individuals who are interested in promoting our vision. These visionaries, upon completion of several qualifications, will become HealthStyle Counselors. These Counselors will spread the word about the health style Protocol which has been developed by the New Medicine Foundation. 

The New Medicine Foundation’s proprietary treatment, biochemistry testing and evaluation is specific  to each individual.  The basis of NMF’s Protocol is a proprietary organic detoxification program that renews and rebalances the body by restoring health from the inside out.  Everyone can benefit.  This experience provides you with the organic nutritional knowledge to effectively counsel others. 

If you are currently enrolled, or have completed the NMF Protocol, you are already on your way. If you haven’t, we encourage you to pursue this life-changing experience as soon as possible.  Should you aspire to be a ‘HealthStyle Counselor’ you will be able to help a lot of people and profit from doing just that. Our program is simple and financially rewarding. 

Becoming a Detoxification Network of America Health and Wellness Counselor/Therapist

Once enrolled in the NMF Protocol, you may choose to become a HealthStyle Counselor, at which time you will receive everything you need to get started including personalized business cards, collateral marketing material and your very own website where you can display your personal information, photos and testimonials. HealthStyle Counselors will receive ongoing training online, through conference calls and other routine or special corporate training events. 

Whenever you meet someone who is interested in creating a healthier lifestyle, losing weight, or notices how amazing you look, you simply explain your experience and introduce them to the options available through NMF.  All recommendations for treatment will be made by a medical doctor.  When your contact enrolls in a program, you will provide information, support and encouragement.  A comfortable full or part time income is available based upon your efforts. A lucrative executive income is available as well.

Income as a DNA HealthStyle Counselor are fees paid for client support, information and counseling. You will be paid as an Independent Contractor (1099). Our compensation plan rewards productivity and dedication. The plan is revenue based.  A career as a HealthStyle Counselor is fulfilling in terms of health and lifestyle. Additionally, experienced HealthStyle Counselors may share in our generous DNA Bonus Incentive Program.

For more information or to enroll in the program, complete the requested information on this page, visit our website or contact us at (888) 561-HEAL (4325) - Email


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