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1. Why is there a link between Vitamin E supplementation and prostate cancer? Vitamin E products come mostly from soy being estrogenic and a 97% genetically modified crop.  Excessive estrogen is a major culprit behind all cancers.  So it's not the E, it's the soy / estrogen. 2. Why are Pediatricians recommending earlier screening and treatment of ADD / ADHD / Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)? Because medicating children is a  highly profitable business, and unfortunately, the only thing most pediatricia...

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We came upon the ability to deliver hormones orally many years ago.  We believe the technique has been available for over a decade.  Both the scientific theory, intuitive ease of delivery (for the masses who need them), cost effectiveness, and most importantly the RESULTS have been undeniable. There is a point as compounds travel further through the GI tract that more absorption bypasses the first pass.....thus rectally delivered suppositories etc.   While we agree that there is not enough research to yet demonstrate e