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June 08, 2012 @ 10:45 AM

Patient Testimonial - Day One

Today is day one of my detoxification and diet testimonials regarding the Hcg protocol.

I watched the video on self administration (HCG Injections from The New Medicine Foundation
Video:  Self Administration of Injections ) and followed it to the letter and everything went as planned.

I shall be doing blogs and videos more frequently as I progress through the protocol.  My start date is a few days ahead of Erin's as we are implementing the procedure around our work schedules.  Erin will start on Monday, June 11, 2012.

My challenge is going to be that I work part-time as a chef at Mediterranean restaurant (Shevek & Co. Restaurant )

Previous Client Testimonial

On May 23, 2012 I did a testimonial on starting the supplements.  You can find the video here: .

Testimonial on Supplements

I was instructed by my health coach Autumn Heyman to start the hormone and vitamin supplements about 2 weeks before I started the injections. 

I did that and have experienced some nice changes in my body.  I have begun to acquire more energy and my brain fog has diminished dramatically when I get up in the morning.

Doctor Pearson has stated that there will other dramatic changes that happen very rapidly as you go through the process.  I am looking forward to it.

I have put up a new video on my Day One experience at

More to come.  Best, Scott
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Saturday, June 09, 2012 1:11 AM
Detoxification is 1 heck of a thing to do.I've come across this article as it mentioned Detoxification and it was very hard for me to cope with it but some how i made it because of my will power and I am free from all the toxic stuffs.Hope you get some inspiration from a guy who was in your shoes.
Jacob smith
Scott Bodley
Sunday, June 10, 2012 10:45 AM
Hi Jacob,

Mind over that from previous mentors, masters and teachers.

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