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May 23, 2012 @ 12:18 PM

The Hcg Diet: Is it Really a Dilemma?

HCG has been grabbing the attention of dieters around the world with promises of dropping pounds quickly. But with the promises also come a lot of questions about whether it’s effective and safe.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and is produced by pregnant women. It’s supposed to release fat from your body so you can use it as fuel, meaning you need fewer calories and lose less muscle mass.

For me, as a new patient, my fiance and I  are looking forward to the adventure.

We did a lot of research and have chosen Dr. Edward Pearson as our physician for this protocol. 

We have gone through quite a lot of information and will be starting the second week of June, 2012.

One of the articles we read had this testimonial.

"Huntsville resident Kylie Smith is a big fan of HCG. She had tried a number of other products, many making her shaky and uncomfortable. She thought she’d give HCG a try after her friend had luck on the diet. Kylie got her HCG through a diet practitioner. She took drops three times a day and was only allowed a 500 calorie diet from a very specific menu. But she says she was never hungry. “I felt great! I felt it was more like a cleanse.” Kylie adds, “I woke up in the morning before my alarm; I wasn’t tired.” Kylie lost 40 pounds in a year.

Dr. Zach LaBoube has a franchise that uses HCG to help patients lose weight and says there’s a big difference between the prescription and homeopathic HCG.

LaBoube explains, “The prescription HCG is compounded at pharmacies across the country. It’s a bioidentical hormone which means it’s an exact replica of the real HCG that’s produced by a pregnant woman.”

LaBoube says the homeopathic version is much weaker. He says it’s a combination of small concentrations of the HCG hormone and then, generally, a combination of B vitamins and other things that spark the metabolism a bit. He says, “They’re two completely different products.”

You can go to your local Walmart and find homeopathic HCG on the shelves. You can also find it all over the internet, but you don’t always know what’s in it." Source:

What separated Dr. Pearson from all other options we found was the fact that he requires lab results from blood and saliva tests to determine the proper protocol for each individual.  This was big for us.

Next, we made the decision to use the injection process as this was much more effective than drops. The injections will be using bioidenticals...another huge plus.  No synthetics.

Finally, we were prescribed hormone therapy along with vitamin supplements which were instructed to start about 2 weeks before the program.

Our coach, Autumn Heyman from A Voice For Change, insructed us to start the vitamins early.  Their research has shown that this will allow an easier transition for the body during detox.

Erin and I will be submitting videos and a daily and or weekly blog and update on our experience.  I will also be developing an exercise program for Erin and I during this process.  This will be adaptable to anyone in any kind of shape.

Talk soon and we will soon be providing blogs/articles and videos on our experience.

Regards, Scott & Erin

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Scott Bodley
Thursday, June 07, 2012 10:42 AM
Here is the video that complements this article:

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