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March 22, 2012 @ 08:43 AM
And we have the answers.

1. hCG is best described as a protein, not a hormone.

2. The hCG protocol is best described as a detoxification protocol and not a weight loss protocol.

3. Studies by the FDA and others have been inconclusive for decades, primarily because the hCG is not being prepared nor prescribed in the right way.  Additionally, much of the truths in the food components of the program have been lost along the way.

4. The hCG protocol should NOT be prescribed without thorough medical testing and clearance, nor without medical guidance and monitoring.

5. There are numerous hormonal and nutritional deficiencies in most people today that MUST be uncovered with testing and corrected when prescribing the hCG protocol.  Even with the gold standard NMF hCG protocol, these deficiencies can and will get worse without accurate biochemical testing and balancing.

6. Homeopathic hCG, or 'drops', is based only on the energy or vibrating frequency of hCG, and thus has absolutely NO hCG in the preparations and SHOULD NOT BE USED. The FDA is right in banning these products as they lead to starvation and catabolism, as well as metabolic and thyroid slowing.

7. Nearly all of the medically prescribed hCG in the United States is prepared incorrectly and is thus ineffective.  This is why the FDA approved studies show the protocol to be ineffective.  This will most likely happen again unless the appropriate steps are taken to prepare the protocol correctly.

8. Organic foods are imperative to the protocol, as detoxification of the chemicals in inorganic foods is the entire purpose of the program.

9. Skilled medical monitoring of all other medical conditions and medications is imperative to the safety and efficacy of the protocol.

10. While the protocol could theoretically benefit anyone in todays increasingly toxic world, it is not medically appropriate to prescribe for the very young or the severely ill.  Comprehensive testing and medical clearance and monitoring is key.

Dr. Simeons and his hCG protocol are incredible tools for our increasingly toxic and chronic illness afflicted world.  Hopefully very soon these truths about the protocol, how it works, and how to appropriately prescribe and use it will become the worldwide standard.

Be Well,

Dr Edward

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