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January 05, 2012 @ 09:52 AM
Americans seem to be leading the way these days in poor choices, and the demise of our healthcare system is obvious. In fact, the entire modern civilization is following our lead.

Why are so many more likely to enjoy the excitement of wishful thinking when it comes to our health than to deal with the reality of what it takes to truly reclaim it?

We all know that the traditional system based on drugs and surgery is failing, and this is the root of many of our country's economic troubles. The unsustainability of this system, with its epidemic increase in chronic illness, is no longer a secret. We have been misguided for over 50 years now and have been led to believe that our genes are at fault, that chronic illness is a fact of life, that drugs and surgery will save the day, and that it's too hard to get healthy.

It's interesting now that the masses actually spend more out-of-pocket on alternative methods than on the traditional system. This doesn't include the massive costs truly bankrupting the system that include Medicare, Medicaid, taxation, and inflation that are at the fundamental cause of our worsening economic issues.

But what are they actually spending that money on? Those monies are spent on the latest and greatest fad diet, a myriad of multilevel marketing nutritional wonder products, or often on gym/exercise/food subscriptions that last but a few months and seem to be prefered instead of choosing a complete health and lifestyle shift.

Perhaps it is because most are simply unaware that medically guided, natural, science-based treatments are now available. We are a sick culture, and there is quite a lot of art and science to restoring health quickly and efficiently.  But it is now possible and can literally be done from the comfort of your own home, virtually, based nearly entirely on the Internet and home delivery of the few things you may need.  The education is key and fun when it is handled the right way.

It does take a lifestyle change and education to reclaim and maintain health in this modern/toxic/fake food world.   And it requires medical guidance to safely return people to true health while removing addictive and dangerous medications, toxic chemicals that make underlying health worse while covering up ever-increasing symptoms. But it is now easy, efficient, and affordable, and the time is now.

Excessive medications, fad diets, and products of wishful thinking are fun to start, often involving a new one every several months or year especially with a New Year's resolution.  But all of these can be reduced or completely removed once true health has been achieved which truly does enhance a simple life and increased savings.

There simply will never be weight loss in a pill,  long-lasting healthy energy in a bottle,  true health in a synthetic prescription,  or a happy and joyful state of vitality from a wonder product. In the end, they all exist for profit,  consumption,  and the long-term gain of the companies' top producers and shareholders.  They are an integral part of the crony capitalism bankrupting our lives!

It's time to wake up. The year is 2012, and it's going to be an exciting year.  Although the Mayans predicted the end of the world to come December 21, I doubt that that is actually what will come to pass.  But certainly, great change is afoot, and we are a species in trouble. Very simply, we are fat and sick and extremely imbalanced in many many ways.

Wishful thinking is just that.  Thinking something ridiculously easy will provide our wish of weight loss, healing, and long term health is just not reality. What we need to do is to refocus our lives beginning with our health on sustainable natural methods in order to help the masses regain their vitality quickly and easily and in ways that can be shared with others.

Save your money, stop spending on products and services that survive on empty promises. Commit to the path of a future of true health with the new standard for medically guided and safe natural healthcare. It is time to take off the blinders and see our future in harmony with our world.

Be well in 2012,

Dr. Edward.

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