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December 20, 2011 @ 01:45 PM
This is somewhat of a revision form our original article 18 months ago but seems even more appropriate as we head into 2012.  We appreciate your time in reading and focusing the future direction of humanity with us.

Be Well,

Dr Edward

Our sick-care drug and surgery based 'health' care system is failing.  This is caused partially by our complete loss of appreciation for our own responsibility for ourselves and our health. Perhaps we should simply ask ourselves: 'What is our life worth?'

In this day and age of increasing entitlements and handouts, with a large portion of the population not paying taxes yet still receiving everything from welfare to food stamps to public housing, we may now be doomed as we also expect and are celebrating 'free' health care. (It's not really free at all.......)

But we are not healthy, and the care that we receive 'free', whether as part of an employment based sick-care insurance plans, medicare, medicaid, or the failed before even becoming official health care reform, (how is this different from medicaid?) is simply entitling us to care even less about our healthcare responsibility.  This lack of self-worth is truly sick in itself, getting worse, and also contributing to the worsening conditions that abound globally, both in health, environment, honesty, and purpose.

We stress repeatedly that medical bankruptcy is now the #1 cause of financial problems, and you would be doing a great financial service to yourself to spend the relativity small investment it takes to 'detoxify' yourself and your life and experience the freedom of true wellbeing.......BEFORE you wake up in the hospital post heart attack / cancer onset and stare in shock at a six figure health care bill.......AFTER insurance adjustments are made.

Is your health and happiness for life worth what we pay for our cars every year?  Isn't a few thousand dollar educational and treatment experience to prevent a 5 or 6 figure illness and teaching us how to spend less on fake food and drugs and more on investing in ourselves and our health (and planet community) a good investment? Doesn't it  make sense to invest in ourselves and our health as much as we invest ONE vacation or new TV? We think that sounds like a very wise and sound investment!

Perhaps in this time of global unrest and de-evolution this is not as obvious as it appears to us......however the numbers looking for answers and finding them with true natural health and a detoxified life are growing.

True health, vitality, and happiness is easily attainable when one is shown the way.......NMF has science-based, efficient and effective healthcare solutions for nearly anyone.  Once health is attained, we are looking for thousands of DNA health-style consultants to help us spread the word and help others reach this true purpose for our lives......a new purpose to better ourselves, our loved ones and acquaintances, and our planet.  

What is our health worth?  When will we wake up from this entitled stupor and realize only WE can be responsible for ourselves, our health, and our behavior...the very future of our species?  As we enter the transformative 2012 we know this to be the year to reawaken and refocus the direction of humanity towards natural health and sustainability.

At NMF and DNA we hope that this enlightenment and realization occurs before that all too common initial illness event, because everyone wishes they had taken control of their health sooner ~ before the morning they awaken from a sudden onset surgery, hospitalization, or other illness.

Best in health in 2012,

Dr Edward

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012 11:13 PM
Its good to have health care and health policy. Thanks for sharing. And ya its very necessary to pay tax on time to get more benefits. Will share this with my friends.
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 3:47 AM
making yourself healthy is really nice. It is very important that you make your health as your top priority. It would really make 2012 happy for you.
Friday, February 24, 2012 10:55 PM
We should avoid all unnecessary medicines and consume natural foods, like fruits and vegetables. And You post states good that making health as our 1st priority is good for healthy year.
Wednesday, June 06, 2012 8:02 AM
Yes, it is make a sense to invest in ourselves and our health as much as in other stuff. Because ' some one said that Health is a Wealth'. If your physical condition is weak then there is no use of money.

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