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December 11, 2009 @ 04:17 PM

In the United States especially some of the most commonly reported and experienced health problems these days are related to mental health.  And I suspect this is the case in other developed parts of the world also.

These symptoms are real..........and treatable........naturally.

Feelings of low energy, despair, poor sleep, anxiety, irritability, depression, even what is referred to as ADHD or ADD are on the rise, in epidemic proportions.

And it is not the lack of more synthetic and dangerous medications that is causing it.

Now I was trained and am licensed as a Medical Doctor and am of course a complete believer in the power of new medications and interventions when the body is beyond repair, or in this case when the symptoms become dangerous.  But the overuse and prescription of these dangerous drugs is causing unnecessary brain chemistry alteration and no attention to the underlying cause.........

Which is hormonal imbalance, and mainly deficiency of ANDROGENS and ADRENAL hormones.

These deficiencies are very common and present in almost anyone alive in developed countries today.  They are caused by NEUROENDOCRINE DISRUPTION of the body's normal hormone production factory by the increases amounts of chemicals used in our world.

The deficiency is very easily found with the appropriate testing and corrected with natural means.

The improvement once treated is nearly immediate, within a few days, and includes many aspects of health as well to include physical and internal organ health.

Doctors are finally starting to learn more about these true causes of mental issues having been sidetracked by the overuse of dangerous medications for years.

Find out more before you are prescribed addictive medications with many side effects and dangerous withdrawals.

Your brain is you, so take care of it and help it with natural remedies.

Dr Edward

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