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November 15, 2011 @ 09:51 AM
Or stated otherwise, why do we assume our health 'ok'  until it's too late?

As we are just returning from a healthcare convention full of many believers in true health and the New Medicine way of healing, we were very saddened to still see so many who simply choose to avoid the comprehensive concepts needed for complete health until it's too late.

More and more the traditional sick care model continues to try to convince us that we are healthy as long as we are convinced that we have certain ' diagnoses ' and our bodies are simply designed to fail us, and increasing medications and surgeries are all we need to stay alive.

However, this very belief is not only failing as the majority search for alternative ways to reclaim their health, but this unsustainable and expensive system is the top problem with our faltering economy and way of life.

People are not healthy, they are not happy, and it saddens us because it is actually so easy to achieve these things when one knows how and has the right guidance.

Unfortunately, we see many problems in this alternative healthcare world as well, maybe more so than the failing medication surgery-based world as the failure of that paradigm to maintain or restore health is fairly obvious these days.

But as a majority of people search for alternative and natural answers, too many seem to rely heavily on one miracle service or product.

While there are certainly benefits to different modalities, nutrients, and even detoxification protocols, what is so lacking in the natural healthcare world is a scientific and efficient standard to delivering true 'Medical' natural healthcare.

We cannot simply rely on one modality or one miracle products to restore health.  One nutrient product will not restore hormonal balance.  Acupuncture alone will not provide enough detoxification.  

The purpose of NMF is to align forces of all those believing in national healthcare and able to deliver certain aspects of that care, from appropriate hormonal balancing to true medical detoxification to chiropractic, acupuncture, energy work and beyond.

That lack of alignment is exactly what is so problematic as we see so many receiving one aspect of healthcare but not enough to truly restore health.

So while economic reasons drive nutritional companies, and many alternative health care practices, to focus heavily on one area alone and tout the unending successes of their product or service alone, there still lacks a comprehensively scientific, natural and holistic, medically guided team healthcare paradigm.

We are seeing too many of our friends and colleagues who have not yet had the realization of or acceptance that they simply must do more to stay healthy in this world, and that their singular focus of a product or modality is simply not enough, especially when used as an excuse for other poor lifestyle habits and choices. This continued ignorance of true complete health worries and saddens us.

We must work together to follow the available science and methodologies to restoring and maintaining comprehensive health and longevity in this world.  It includes, at its core, a healthy diet and lifestyle, medical biochemical detoxification nutritional / hormonal  guidance, chiropractic structural and acupuncture electrical balance, mind - body work and beyond that is the new paradigm in truly health based care.

This is crucial immediately as increasingly friends and family live lives that are much too short and lacking complete health, vitality, and enjoyment

It may begin with the very practitioners themselves so needed as healers for the masses that need healing themselves.....the overweight chiropractor, the hormonally deficient naturopath, the completely unhealthy health product guru, etc.  'Healers' not yet healthy themselves are often too focused on their one product or service and remaining ignorant from the comprehensive treatment paradigms so needed and at the core of the mission of NMS. 

As we move towards increasing global transformation in 2012, now is the time to focus on true health and healing.  The resultant sustainable  way of life for our entire species results from restoring the masses with healthy and happy bodies completely free from disease and the risks of the epidemics of chronic illness.

Now is the time to reclaim your health and enjoy the freedom of well-being

NMF exists to provide the pathways for that majority, sick and tired of being sick and tired,  needing this core health transformation, education, and guidance to be delivered to them

Be well in 2012,

Dr. Edward

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Monday, January 09, 2012 9:44 PM
Great article. What a fantastic way to start the year with a reminder about how much support and knowledge is available through the New Medicine Foundation and about the importance of a comprehensive approach to health. I am grateful to be able to learn and grow in this environment. This article is thoughtful, compassionate and visionary. Thanks Dr. E!
Monday, February 20, 2012 11:46 PM
Most people think that they can overcome any health problems as there immune system is very strong. It's not good to ignore health problems. You may never know what is going on in your body

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