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October 19, 2011 @ 08:37 AM

1. Why is there a link between Vitamin E supplementation and prostate cancer?

Vitamin E products come mostly from soy being estrogenic and a 97% genetically modified crop.  Excessive estrogen is a major culprit behind all cancers.  So it's not the E, it's the soy / estrogen.

2. Why are Pediatricians recommending earlier screening and treatment of ADD / ADHD / Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)?

Because medicating children is a  highly profitable business, and unfortunately, the only thing most pediatricians and family doctors know how to do these days is to medicate.

3. Are these pediatric conditions being handled appropriately?


4. Are all pediatric illnesses (especially chronic) getting better?  Are we improving our pediatric healthcare system?

NO.  In fact, the excessive medication and ignorance of education about the true causes of these illnesses is making the problems much, much worse.

5. Is there a link between In Vitro / Fertility treatments / medications and cancer (especially of the breast as currently being discussed)?

Yes, absolutely.  Excessive hormone use, especially synthetic and with estrogens, will directly increase a woman's chances for cancer, not only of the breast, but of other organs as well.  Estrogen excess, toxicity, and addiction is one of the largest factors of cancer and chronic diseases of all kinds.  This is true in women, men, and also children and relates to all inflammatory based chronic illnesses as well (the majority).

6. What about Birth Control pills?

They have the same link and relationship.  In addition, the synthetic Progestins used in BC have very opposite effects of our epidemically deficient levels of natural Progesterone, and the excessive uses of these toxic substances in all women who use birth control add to the biochemical imbalances and toxicities that lead to cancers of all kinds.

7. Are we winning the war on Cancer?

Not at all, it is epidemic and getting worse.  It will be the continuing 'chronic' epidemic of our time.  In fact, as stated above, our ignorance of the true causes in the name of corporate greed and profits (early and expensive detection and treatment) is making matters much worse.

8. Do genetically modified foods impact our health?

Absolutely, our bodies do not recognize these newly manipulated genes, and they are wreaking havoc on beautifully created / evolved natural systems.

9. But aren't our 'Genes' what are at fault?

Absolutely NOT.  Our bodies evolved / were created over thousands of years, naturally, and only in the last 100, and now with illness increasing epidemically in the last few decades and accelerating, it is the artificial environment / foods / drugs / lifestyles that our genes are unfamiliar with.  Our bodies are very confused and unhappy.

10. How do we fix this?

Only by returning to a more organic / sustainable / natural / symbiotic way of living and healing.  This is the philosophy of the New Medicine restore a healthy balance to the body efficiently and naturally while using science to uncover the true nature of our illnesses and simply correct what is imbalanced at the source.  At the same time, providing the education, health systems, and community and business structure to allow people to live sustainably simply by helping one another.  NMF will invest the savings it provides by lowering the costs of sick-care by at leads 33% ($1 Trillion) only into the future needs of humanity, focusing on sustainable organic agriculture, the provision of clean and natural water, sustainable energy research, and efficient global interconnectivity and communication to allow for the increasing free flowing need for new ideas and collaboration.

As we continue to head towards this unique transformation, these concepts and ways of life will be key in the future of our species.

Be Well,

Dr Edward

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Dan Early
Tuesday, January 03, 2012 3:07 PM
What is never revealed by the authors of the study is that they used the artificial type of vitamin E, which is made from petroleum products. This was concealed in an apparent effort to discredit those who do take supplements, but was exposed in a recent newsletter from Dr. Mercola in November, '11.
Dr Edward W Pearson MD ABIHM
Tuesday, January 03, 2012 3:14 PM
Terrific comment Dan. Also, however, intuitively there may be risk to higher supplementation of certain supplements, and there may be some connection here as well to the E story. A high quality fish oil will have a good amount of E with it. Here at NMF we try to make supplementation easy and efficient so it is not overwhelming for those just coming over to natural healthcare. Thank you so much for your interest and discussion.
Tuesday, February 14, 2012 1:21 AM
You have mentioned good points here about the cancer and its treatments. I am really glad to know this post and the information you have put here. I didnt know about the vitamin E supplement.

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