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September 27, 2011 @ 09:17 AM
In this troubling time of crazy world problems, all we  seem to hear about is: 'Gold is up!', ' Gold is down!', ' Invest in the stock stocks!', ' Invest in silver!', 'Corporate profits are up!', 'The world  going to end!!!'.
To more and more people it is becoming downright annoying and irritating to even turn on the TV and try to see what happened that day. I think it would be even more troubling for the ultra-wealthy and to be worried every day about what to do with their money, where to invest, and whom to trust.
The answer to all of this is becoming more apparent every day as things continue to devolve. The old way of doing things is coming to an end, and, unfortunately, there has been a seed of greed and corruption and a bit of trickery in the way the world has worked for at least the last century. We are now plagued by increasing problems of banking fraud, healthcare fraud, governmental deception, and a downright distrust of the 'status quo' and the mainstream media, leaving us literally dazed and confused and looking for purpose and enjoyment of our time on this Earth.
For the growing members of the New Medicine Foundation, these events only lend more strength to our underlying mission.  With the purpose of delivering true health and healing, and as a side effect educating the masses on how we arrived at this point in time with so much poor health and wasteful spending on a broken system, that we can truly set a new standard for not only healthcare, but for a healthy, enjoyable, and most importantly, a sustainable way of life for our entire species is most exciting and very rewarding!  This can and will provide a way through this troubling time.  We will refocus on what is most important in life, on health, on helping others, and on living in peace with our world.
NMF delivers first and foremost a service. This primary purpose is to deliver scientifically backed, efficient, and affordable natural healthcare solutions to all.   NMF helps those who simply are looking for a life full of vitality again, or for the exponentially increasing number of chronically ill people who are sick and tired of medications, and doctors visits, and surgeries, and the endless assaults on our bank accounts of being sick. Additionally, we are a home for all of those interested, from healthcare professionals to the average patient, and looking for the answers in health and life, and pursuing a new purpose in helping others do the same. Doctors are unfortunately the most lost of the bunch!
The best part about restoring health to all of our patients is that not only is the primary purpose of life regained, which is to enjoy this physical journey and be truly happy, but our economic problems are only benefited by reclaiming our health.
It is downright expensive to be sick. We spend our whole lives working to make money and amass wealth, and yet spend whatever it is that we have accumulated in trying to regain our health, as we now spend the majority of our lives sick.
Is it worth it to invest in ourselves? Seeing as the number one  cause of bankruptcy is medical illness, the answer is simple.
It will always be fun for motivated entrepreneurs to build, and create businesses and services that make a profit. In fact a profit is a downright necessity for these things to be created and delivered. But right now our entire species is failing in its own manipulation of what an economy is and does. And at the root of this is our failing healthcare industry.
The truth is our failing health care system is the number one problem behind our failing economy, and geopolitical tension issues. We are sick, tired, medicated, and unhappy.  We fight amongst ourselves, in our relationships, and between our countries.  America alone spendS 3 TRILLION dollars a year in maintaining this fa├žade of sick / health care. The entire system, from Medicare to the Big Pharma / Insurance / FDA racket is headed off a cliff and the masses do not want to follow along anymore. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  

We now know that if we invest in ourselves, in our health, in our vitality, and in a more natural enjoyment of life, that we will help to turn around the misguided direction that our entire species is headed. Only then can we emerge on the other side of this 'Great Transformation' with the potential that comes from a true understanding of what it is to live with health, happiness, and in a sustainable way for our future and that of the very planet we live on.
 So where should we 'invest'? Gold? Stocks? Education? Commodities?
We should invest first and foremost in ourselves and our health, and our understanding of a sustainable life.  We should invest in ways that can enable us to help others do the same, and empower not only ourselves, our friends, and our families, but our entire civilization to recreate a way to a bright future.
Be well,

Dr. Edward

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012 11:17 PM
This is really very true. In today's business life we are not caring our health properly.As Dr. Edward said we have to take care of our health first then our business.
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 11:20 PM
It is very important that you invest in your health. your Health is the first thing you must keep updated. Keeping yourself fit and fine is really important for a better future.
Friday, February 24, 2012 11:00 PM
Wealth is required for better life style. But health is required for good and healthy future. Your title post says everything. You should have health care check up once in 2 month.
Wednesday, April 11, 2012 5:40 AM
Wow, you really hit the nail on the head with this one! I feel so inspired! Most of us tend to forget about ourselves when we are talking about assets, but in truth, without our selves, we don't have anything at all!
Saturday, June 09, 2012 3:48 AM
Yes you are right now a days every one is busy because of business cycle i.e to earn money.Every one is interested in investing in golds,silver,etc but no is concerned about their health.Even i am among one of them,but reading your blog had changed my thinking.Thanks for sharing such an innovative information.
Jerry Elbert

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