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September 07, 2011 @ 03:47 PM

It's been known for some time that proper hormonal balance is a key ingredient in maintaining vitality and restoring ailing health. While hormones were first used as far back as the 70s with the creation of synthetically derives hormone compounds, their use has escalated decade after decade, and they are now very commonly but very differentially applied in both traditional and alternative healthcare.

Initially, the pharmaceutical industry thought it would be very appropriate, as it is with all other 'diagnoses', to create a condition called 'menopause' that was not a natural transition of a woman's life but instead considered to be an illness of estrogen deficiency. Then, appropriately, the 'Cure' for this new 'illness' was, of course, their newly created horse urine derived synthetic, carcinogenic, and toxic Premarin. Premarin became very widely used in nearly all women upon reaching that point in life. Additionally, they were able to synthesize synthetic progestins, which amazingly act nearly completely opposite of natural progesterone and are full of toxic side effects. Together these hormones became some of the most widely used medicines in female healthcare.

In the 1990's, some forward thinking physicians led by Dr. John Lee began to question the appropriateness of using synthetic and toxic hormones in a woman's body. They also began questioning the use of predominantly estrogen as opposed to progesterone as the key missing hormone in women's bodies. He began to use bio identical progesterone in his practice with tremendous results, and others slowly followed.

Because of what is commonly known as the first pass effect, these hormone preparations were best administered in a cream which was a transdermally absorbed form. This allows the active hormone ingredients to be directly absorbed into the bloodstream without first passing through the liver, the primary reason why oral compounds were avoided for many years.

The baton was passed from synthetic to bio-identical around the turn of the millennia as women began having more positive results with BHRT than with the old synthetic compounds. The nail in the coffin was the Women's Health Initiative study that, started in 1991 to study the effects of the synthetic hormones, was stopped early last decade due to the overwhelming results showing increased risks in cancers. Amazingly, and a true testament to the corruption in the traditional healthcare system is that these 'medicines' are still allowed to be used and even marketed directly to consumers. In fact, one of the major producers of synthetic estrogens actually won a major court battle that basically made one key form of natural estrogen, Estriol, illegal. That's right, the use of a natural hormone compound is illegal not the synthetic and proven toxic and cancer causing chemical. You can't make this stuff up!

Today the use of BHRT is fast becoming the norm or at least what the consumers are demanding. There still is missing a gold standard in how to compound and deliver these essential hormones so epidemically deficient in our bodies. However, we actually have known very well how to compound bio identical compounds orally for quite some time. This reduces the hassles and lack of accuracy of cream preparations, and the oral form very simply uses a natural binder that prevents the gastrointestinal system from being able to break down the compounded hormones until well after the capsule passes by the liver. This has actually been possible for nearly a decade and has been perfected by NMF. Not only are the results highly effective, but the these orally compounded capsules are very easy to compound, swallow, and make a part of someone's daily routine. Most importantly, the follow-up test results and symptomatic improvements are highly accurate.

Though Dr. Lee was a groundbreaking physician and on the right track at the time with compounded creams, unfortunately, these creams are now viewed by the leaders in the field of natural healthcare to be messy, time-consuming, transferable to others upon skin contact, and most importantly the creams are very inaccurately dosed. In fact, nearly all patients treated by an NMF find that cream preparations typically provide much more hormone that is originally intended. This may be from the patient's concept that if a little bit is good, then a lot is better, or it may result from the fact that many pharmacies have a difficult time accurately compounding the cream or knowing an individual's transdermal absorptive capacity. Women typically go from feeling tired and stressed to tired and wired as over prescribing hormones is not health positive. This key concept is the most foundation problem with the 'anti-aging' movement which is a topic for another discussion.

Extremely important when practicing BHRT is to follow gold standard saliva testing from labs that lead the field and to obtain gold standard compounded products from pharmacies that are also leaders in their field. Unfortunately, this is still a relatively new for concept in healthcare, and there are few that are practicing it accurately. NMF has been efficiently delivering effective and very easy to use BHRT for many years with not only optimal symptomatic results but also with optimal scientific results on follow-up testing.

While there are many important facets of health restoration and chronic illness prevention, bio identical hormone therapy is one key ingredient. When done correctly, the results are dramatic, and improvements in health and vitality are nearly miraculous as their deficiency is at the root cause of much of our mental and physical ailments.

Be Well,

Dr Edward

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012 4:32 AM
Bioidentical hormone replacement therapycan help patients regain healthy hormonal balance by addressing the key factors that affect hormonal health.
Monday, May 07, 2012 12:37 AM
Bio identical hormone therapy is one key ingredient. When done correctly, the results are dramatic, and improvements in health and vitality are nearly miraculous as their deficiency is at the root cause of much of our mental and physical ailments.
Anonymous User
Wednesday, March 16, 2016 11:25 PM

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