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August 22, 2011 @ 02:29 PM

Most of those who are among the 'non-traditional' world of natural healthcare and who steer away from the current but failing drug and surgery based 'sick-care' system feel fairly strongly about the very unscientific specialty of 'traditional' psychiatry being possibly the worst of the offending systems.

Now, always wanting to give credit when due, there is certainly a time and place for psychiatric care and protocols that can be life saving for severe mental conditions.

However, and obviously, the fact that an epidemically increasing number of people are now on very powerful and addictive psychiatric medications for everything from 'PreMenstrual Dysphoria' to 'Social Phobia' shows things are completely out of control!

Let's focus a minute on a very popular current diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and a variety of conditions based on this 'high / low' mood issue.

Lets also, for now, ignore the fact that there is hardly any truly scientific / diagnostic test used to identify any psychiatric condition......the lack of science and reality from that aspect alone is truly laughable.

But the increasing diagnosis and 'treatment' of bipolar disorder gives reason to discuss the ongoing abuse of this (and so many other) 'conditions'.

So stepping back from a doctors office for a moment, our physical life on this planet is an incredible journey with quite a wide variety of experiences with extremes from the joys of birth and the elations of successes to the agonies of death and the heartbreaks of failure. And don't we all simply fairly often have good days and bad days??

Of course, and again, to stay 'politically correct', there are people with excesses of ups and downs which do interfere with daily life. But most who are 'diagnosed' with and medicated for Bipolar disorder are simply being put into a psychiatric diagnostic box.  We all seem to be lacking healthcare treatment if we do not have some kind of psychiatric condition and take a prescribed medication for it!

Life has ups and downs, without which, in fact, life might get pretty boring to be predictable every day! And it's fun to enjoy the ups and recognize and work our way through the downs and to make sure that we are caring for our bodies with sleep, nutrition, love and laughter even if and when the down days become excessive. In fact, that leads me to the true biochemical nature of ups and downs and most likely 90% of what we consider 'BiPolar'!

Currently, all people in the modern developed world are extremely biochemically imbalanced. From so many of the other NMF articles, videos, and web conferences most should know that the basis of ALL illness, both mental and physical, is this simple but pervasive state of excessive and unnatural biochemical imbalances. From the excesses of toxicity, synthetic hormones, medication, etc coming increasingly from our toxin-laced artificial food supply and reliance on a synthetic way of life and healthcare to the deficiencies in nutrition and hormones also primarily coming from the former toxin-based way of life, we are all a biochemical MESS!

And guess what - THAT DOESN'T FEEL GOOD! Nor do these toxic and unnatural substances promote a healthy life in any form or fashion. I'm sure you know we could go on and on about how this is the foundation to most all illness we see today.

But from the standpoint of Bipolar Disorder in general, very simply the deficiencies do significantly depress us most days, interspersed with either natural or even rebound highs (days our body actually feels good and is excited too), to overstimulated days and behavior from the multiple stimulatory and excitatory effects of the toxic excess-laced bodies and lives that we are now living. All of that caffeine and stimulant addiction we use to combat the lows builds up inside and bursts from time to time. Those 'MONSTER' drinks may just make you a MONSTER!

And how do we currently 'treat' this? Why, with more toxic and additive medications of course! And these actually make the underlying biochemical imbalances WORSE ~ hence the addictive nature of the treatment itself!

And the answer is either that most ups and downs are NORMAL and should be enjoyed or handled and incorporated as part of a NORMAL LIFE. Or, when these extreme mood swings become problematic, that is when BIOCHEMICAL BALANCE SHOULD AND MUST BE RESTORED!

But what if you really don't feel good, your marriage is suffering, daily routine is a challenge, or you just don't feel like yourself?  With NMF we know this is simple. Detoxify the excesses and become educated on their numerous sources and efficiently and scientifically find and restore the deficiencies. Remove and replace.  A simple biochemistry test is necessary to detect and correct the imbalances.  Only a Board Certified Integrative Holistic Medical Doctor, trained in New Medicine by NMF is qualified to replace your deficiencies with bio-identical, effective, and affordable prescriptions.  It is very simple at NMF because this is our specialty and we have been helping people with these problems for years.  The science and all natural protocols developed by NMF over the last DECADE are comprehensive and thorough.

Nature is all about balance especially with our physical and mental health. When balance is restored, natural enjoyment of peace, health, and happiness returns, and quickly.

Detoxify your life and restore a natural healthy balance to your body. Very few of us actually have any genetic predisposition to poor health, either physical or mental. The actual numbers of those genetically at risk of 'illness' are less than 2%!

And the fact that most of us are being told we do have something 'wrong' with us, and most of us are unnecessarily medicated while we are not being given anything naturally positive, alternative, or educational to help restore health and happiness, is downright CRIMINAL! Perhaps even TREASONOUS as it is truly rotting our country from the inside out!

But then again, so much else that is going on in the world today appears just as corrupt and unnatural.

Here at NMF, we believe that by focusing first and foremost on natural, sustainable health, not only would much of our happiness be restored, but relationships, world peace, and even Geo-political tension, not to mention the faltering economies, would truly reverse course! Our economies are being bankrupted by our sick-care system, which is creating the poor mental and physical health that is causing most of our life enjoyment, economic, and geopolitical issues! It is truly a DOWNWARD SPIRAL!!

Reclaim your health naturally with NMF, and feel the freedom of wellbeing and the financial freedom of true health free from unnecessary drugs, doctors, and diagnoses!!

Be Well,

Dr Edward

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