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July 21, 2011 @ 08:37 AM
1. Why would an older women restart her periods and have uterine growth from bio-identical hormone treatment?

Undoubtedly she was placed on Estrogen.  Regardless of whether the Rx used is bioidentical or not, the majority of women are already extremely estrogen dominant / toxic and do NOT need further Estrogen.  NMF science not only documents this very clearly but reduces this estrogen toxicity effectively and restores accurate physiologic balance optimally for each individual given her particular health issues and stage in life.  Yes, all women of nearly all ages are not only candidates for BHRT but in need of it for health maintenance and chronic illness prevention.  However, it must be done scientifically and accurately.  NMF has perfected this.

2. I have very high cholesterol.  Does the hCG protocol typically improve this, and if so, how does it do that?

Much more information regarding the true nature and causes of cholesterol imbalances and their natural correction here , however, briefly, LDL cholesterol is a natural anti-oxidant produced by the liver and high in nearly a Billion people as a response to the enormous amounts of (oxidative) stress placed on our livers these days.  As toxicity is a large part of this response, in combination with appropriate hormonal balance and proper functional nutrition, the hCG detoxification is very helpful in quickly lowering these levels.  Additionally, raising the healthy HDL is just as important in restoring BALANCE to the cholesterol profile.  Balance is key.  The hCG detoxification alone does not raise HDL.  Other aspects of NMF care are extremely effective in raising HDL.  Our most dramatic LDL decrease was 60 points in 3 weeks.

3. After being tested and the results showing my thyroid hormones are very low, is there a preferred dosage of thyroid replacement hormone? I have been put on a dosage of 60 mgs of thyroxin.  Would this dosage be enough, and should I also be taking iodine to help my thyroid function?

Appropriate thyroid function is but one hormone addressed with NMF care.  There are many biochemical markers involved in determining the optimal dosage requirements for each individual.  Commonly prescribed levels of bioidentical thyroid are 30-180mg, or 1/2 grain to 3 grains. Thyroid profiles and other related inflammatory markers are tested in standard NMF bloodwork.  Additional nutritional support for gland function such as iodine for thyroid can be helpful, though we try to recommend natural food sources of most of these nutrients.  Additional Iodine testing is recommended before specific supplementation.

4. I have been having a problem with hemorrhoids and itchy bottom.  It is somewhat improved with increased fiber use. I have tried monistat yeast treatment - rectally. This has helped for only a day or two each time. I am currently using homeopathic ointment and suppositories for hemorrhoids. This also brings some relief but does not make it go away.  What could the cause be and what should I do?

The three main causes of hemorrhoids are increased blood pressure, excessive body weight / high BMI, and poor GI health.  NMF focuses on all three and typically see at least a 75-90% improvement in this bothersome health problem.

5. Is there anyway to stop having hot flashes?  I stopped menstruating in 2005, but still have hot flashes daily (or should I say nightly?). 

While hot flashes have been treated symptomatically with prescription estrogens (synthetic and bioidentical), this is not actually the appropriate treatment nor low estrogen the cause.  Hot flashed are multifactorial and related to toxicity (sweating is an effective body mechanism for detoxification, especially at night), hormonal imbalance (estrogen dominance / progesterone deficiency, testosterone imbalance), and most importantly ESTROGEN RESISTANCE.  As estrogen dominance from both increasing environmental and medicinal sources is one of the primary toxic / hormone excesses present in ALL women (and men, and children) today, excess states eventually result in estrogen resistance.  Similar to insulin resistance / diabetes, many severe cases will result in a state where the estrogen receptors have 'shut down' and down-regulated to the point where low dose bioidentical estrogen is the only answer.  However, this regimen should only be used after the excesses have been removed and deficiencies replaced and biochemical balance restored.  Also, any excess body weight will continue to produce excess estrogen and be counter productive in correcting the hot flashes.  As mentioned, detoxification and appropriate nutrient / hormone deficiency restoration are also key in removing the hot flashes.  While doctors are currently quite unable to remove excess estrogens once resistance has been created, NMF has had great success in doing so.

6. I am 64 years. Now that I have my hormones balanced through my Naturopath using a saliva test, and replaced my traditional meds with "PhytoB, can you suggest how I can wean myself from the depression meds I have been using the past 10 years. I have tried reducing by a small fraction every other day, but within 2 weeks, the depression, fatigue and especially the emotional crying begins again.

While naturopaths can be skilled in using Saliva Testing to appropriately find the underlying hormonal imbalances and nutritional products to provide some improvement in the deficiency symptoms, only appropriate and accurate prescription BHRT can effectively remove the symptoms you are describing.  When accurately done, these symptoms are typically the first to improve and within days.  Anti-depressants are dangerous and addictive medications that actually contribute to worsening hormonal deficiency which is part of the addiction.  Tapering and removal is possible within weeks but should only be done by a physician skilled in these aspects of New Medicine healthcare.

7. I have done both the blood and saliva test for my hormone levels and have not been successful with either method.  Each time I have been on Bioidentical hormones I get bloated, gain weight, get very irritable and experience heart palpitations.  The doses have not been separated.  Could this be the problem or could I just be hormone sensitive.

These side effect reactions are all dependent on what hormones are being prescribed and how they are combined.  Even with bioidentical hormones, there is a right and wrong way to balance them and each person is individually unique in their needs and metabolism of them.  

8. Many doctors still do not recommend bio-identical hormones for women in menopause, especially if a DNC has been performed, even though cervical cancer is not present.  How can women regain vitality, a sense of well-being and increased libido without added hormones?  Please identify potential risks as well as benefits.

Appropriate hormone restoration and balance is absolutely essential not only for the vitality and well being desired but also to prevent the very Dysplasia and Cancers that are occurring at such alarmingly epidemic rates.  The biochemical imbalances and deficiencies of hormones is a large part of why women are developing these problems.  BHRT should absolutely be done, but again, very conservatively and uniquely to each individual.

9. The past couple months, I am noticing a drastic change in my libido. .......the desire and more particularly difficulty achieving organism.  I don't know whether it is as a result of (a)  moving from the progesterone creme to the progesterone in pill form, (b) discontinuing the oral estrogen, (c) the hGC weight loss, and/or (d) sensitivity lessened due to  less "fatty tissue". 

As people are so dramatically hormonally imbalanced, and these hormones directly relate to fertility / sexuality / libido, many people are currently experiencing problems with sexual functioning and a loss of or increase in desire. As we restore balance to their hormones AND their physical and mental health, we typically see significant improvement in all of these areas. That being said, all people are biochemically unique and sometime experience differing changes. In the case of a decrease in libido, this is an indication that estrogen, while primarily dominant in most people, has become deficient. And while lower estrogen is a much healthier state post menopausally than higher estrogen, this is when a small percentage of women who have achieved optimal body mass will need conservative amounts of bioidentical estrogen, preferably a blend of Tri-Est or Bi-Est, both cream and / or oral, to improve sexual functioning.

Thank you everyone for great questions and New Medicine health interest.

Be Well,

Dr Edward W Pearson, MD, ABIHM 

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