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December 11, 2009 @ 04:16 PM

By 'playing God' and experimenting with Mother Nature, mankind has put our future survival in jeopardy.

90% or more of the illness being experienced in epidemic proportions today are a direct result of the buildup of toxic new-to-nature chemicals we are pouring into our environment, by way of chemicals, fertilizers, solvents, FOOD ADDITIVES, livestock hormones, antibiotics, medications, etc.

And with the last few decades advent of GENETIC MANIPULATION of plants and animals, and the resultant allowance of the patenting and corporate ownership of living things, our future may truly be in jeopardy.

Our healthcare system and world simply won't acknowledge the fact that the above causes are responsible for our exponentially increasing rates of chronic illness.  Just as in the financial sickness of late, we continue to throw more and more fuel into the fire with increasing reliance of drugs and toxicity to combat our worsening health.

And the scariest part is yet to come.........with our pointing the blame at our GENETICS and saying the flaws in our coding is responsible, all of a sudden in the evolutionary time scale, for these issues is downright heresy.

If this way of thinking continues, and we pursue gene therapy as a means for the 'cures' of these illness, I fear the unintended consequences of these action may result not only in genetic disease that makes todays health problems look like the common cold, but we may actually introduce changes into our Human DNA that may be carried on in future generations and difficult to correct.  This could truly spell disaster for our entire race.

The answer is not in more experimenation with is with going BACK TO NATURE and using our tremendous and exploding intellect and technology to show that restoring natural balance to our bodies, food, and biochemical balance enable to the body to heal all by itself, and reverses most illness so troubling today.

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Dr Edward

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