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January 10, 2011 @ 02:01 PM
As to not get left out with all of the many great predictors of our future, NMF will provide our own list of 2011 predictions.  

While mostly health related, we can't help but step into the global economic and political fray just a the ever increasing healthcare expenditures and illness are perhaps THE largest part of our economic nightmare.

1. Several 'breakthroughs' in healthcare detection and early treatment. 

We're cheating a bit here as the Alzheimers test was just announced last week.  However, the important point is that despite new advancements in detection and treatment, absolutely nothing is being done, nor will be done, to actually PREVENT these epidemic and expensive chronic illnesses. The detection and treatment is simply too profitable for the powers that be.

2. US Healthcare continues its downwards spiral of illness and expense.

The incidence of Diabesity, Cancer, Heart Disease, etc will continue to increase.  As mentioned in #1, with no real focus on a return to real food and NMF principles  of healing and correction, the chronic illness epidemic and associated expenses will continue.  2011 is the year of recovery vs depression, and we see healthcare worsening to a potential 20% portion of overall GDP and a $4 trillion expense and growing.  Unless corrected, this will bankrupt the country.  It is simply unsustainable.

3. Cancer increases in incidence faster than all other chronic illness.

With cardiovascular disease and diabesity in close 2nd and 3rd, and of course linked to the increasing cancer rates, CANCER is THE GREATEST THREAT TO MODERN CIVILIZATION. With ever increasing toxicity and worsening overall health and immunity, cancer will be the end result for most.

4. The race for the 'Cure for Cancer' will be a hot topic.

Continuing on the trend of #3, of course, the mass media and sick-care industry will talk very loudly of the increasing search for 'The Cure'.  NMF does not believe this exists, at least, unfortunately not anytime soon, and that all of the smoke and mirrors of ribbon campaigns and awareness will get much thicker.  Behind all of this (Susan Komen KFC campaign etc. ), is the same greed and corruption that is rotting our political and financial systems.  Truly preventing cancer simply isn't that profitable.

5. The Organic and Green movement will gain in strength.

The good news is that the masses now know what is wrong.  We are killing ourselves and our planet.  It is finally, thankfully, trendy and chic to be green and 'go organic'.  Organic foods are becoming easier to come by, and movies like 'Food Inc.' and 'Knife over Fork' are becoming popular and frequent.  Changing one's lifestyle for most, however, remains difficult without correcting the underlying biochemcial imbalances quickly.  This is where NMF fulfills its mission to elevate the health and health education of humanity.

6. The number of new pharmaceutical compounds slows.......and new drugs become even more toxic / expensive.

With so many now 'hooked' on artificial life support meds and most biochemical systems in the body already medically controllable, the ability to find new synthetic compounds to add to the mix is becoming more difficult.  As a result, the ability to launch a new 'blockbuster drug' is becoming more difficult and costly.  Thus, FDA approval will become a quicker process with less safety and testing, and the increased costs will be passed down. 

7. Health insurance rates will continue inflating.

As everything else in sick care will become more expensive, so too will 'healthcare' insurance be more costly.  NMF will continue to recommend high deductible catastrophic coverage only.  All other 'insurance' is simply not worth the expense and does nothing to promote true health and illness prevention.

8. The US economy will continue to deteriorate despite MSM propaganda.

Unfortunately, there is no recovery except for the upper crust elites.  There are no new production jobs that can compete with the overseas deregulated labor markets.  NMF will try to help solve this problem with its DNA health counselor career network.  The Fed will be unable to sustain any semblance of a recovery despite being the largest buyer of US debt, mortgages, and even stocks.  The truth of the depression will become apparent by year's end.

9. Geo-political and US social tension will increase.

Also, unfortunately, as Jim Rogers explained in a recent presentation, while we certainly never hope for violence, the history of civilization clearly shows that when the inequality of wealth reaches certain levels, both between nations themselves and internally within the citizens of a particular nation, violence nearly always results.  With decreasing health and happiness, increasing energy and food inflation, and increasing despair, 2011 will be a tumultuous year with very apparent worsening developments by year's end.

10. A human reawakening will become apparent as we near 2012.

Though much of these predictions and current events and global overtones are negative, the end result of the coming transformation will be extremely positive.  And the sooner 'we' look for a new, more purposeful and natural way to live and coexist with each other and our planet, the sooner and more smoothly this transformation will occur.  The majority know the current 'ways of life' are failing.  Our economic, healthcare, and geopolitical systems are nearing the end of their downward spirals with exponentially exploding illness, debt, and tension.  The answers are becoming apparent quickly.  These answers include New Medicine healthcare, a more organic way of life with our world, and commerce / communication occurring virtually and efficiently.  Less consummption and more balance and peace are part of the solutions as well, as are  less greed and corruption and  more honesty, integrity, and purpose.  The good news is more and more want this change to occur soon.

BONUS PREDICTION:  While we hope this one could be positive, part of the 2012 prophecy is a major turning point event towards the end of 2011.  We agree that given the precarious state of the world and seemingly desparate attempts to artificially control the failing systems, the stage is set for some kind of slip / shift catastrophic event.  While we can not be sure if this will be healthcare, economic, or geo-political in nature, we don't feel it will be climate-based, though certainly the climate changes will continue to be more dramatic.

Best to everyone in 2011.

Dr Edward

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