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December 09, 2010 @ 12:54 PM
$3 TRILLION.  One has to stop and give that number some serious thought to be able to begin to comprehend.

That's $3000 x $1 Billion.  Or $3Million.........times another $1Million.  Like the size of the universe, the numbers begin to be mind boggling.........or simply mind numbing.  We are truly dealing with phony-  or funny-money.

This is the COST of the US SickCare System.  A system that feigns attempting to help care for people while really only providing synthetic and expensive toxic life support at the first symptom of poor health.

The Main Stream Media repeatedly hooray's over the attempts to prevent illness and pretends that 'modern medicine' is  looking out for everyones health.

But in reality, this failing economy and state of human health is a direct result of the ignorance of our failing system and the focus on symptom medication, addiction, and profit.  The complete ignorance of the true causes of poor health, in trade for the egregious profits being raked in by the regulatory / pharma / medical establishment, is embarrassing and at the root cause of our imploding economy.

Becoming more and more obvious is the fact that the 'health' entitlement programs of Medicare and Medicaid are at the heart of the issue.  The programs are unfunded, expanding, and already bankrupt.  And to now be focused on yet ANOTHER system to come in BENEATH those supposedly covered by Medicaid?  This ridiculous charade must, and will, end soon. Unfortunately, it may likely be a crashing implosion of debt, failing health, and a complete lack of understanding of how we arrived at this crisis.

With a return to truthful science focused on uncovering the true causes of our ailments at the first sign, or even before, of the multitude of symptoms (illnesses) we are experiencing, we are able to restore balance to our bodies NATURALLY thus allowing the healing process to take place.  

The economic side effects of this are that we learn how to live more organically and sustainably, consuming real foods in much lower quantities, feeling good without expensive medications and sick-care, and being all in all more appreciative of the natural world and life as it was meant to be.

We feel that truly 2/3 of our sick-care expenses could be saved if these methods were adopted as standard.  Thats a savings of $2 TRILLION dollars.  That might be a start in the right direction for our failing economy that is bankrupting our country and the world!

Of course, this system lacks the corrupted profits we erroneously think are necessary for our idea of 'growth' and returns us to an idea of savings and production, enjoyment of life, health, and fulfillment of purpose and prosperity among all others.

There are at least 200 million people experiencing the sorrows of a life experience riddled by chronic illness and excessive modern medicine.  If we were to save that $2 Trillion in excessive healthcare costs, that is a savings of $10,000 per person PER YEAR!  That would likely help solve not only our healthcare problems but our national economic trouble as well.  This would also start reducing our total national debt very quickly.

And think of the incredible increases in productivity and creativity we would see from a nation of truly HEALTHY people free from drugs and the fog and confusion of poor health.  Our health may be at the heart of MOST of our national problems ~ from the economy to our very happiness and enjoyment of life!

We are at the edge of the cliff with many of our current systems.  New Medicine is the standard in health we are turning to as the most ailing system, that of our sick-care system (truly ensuring our sickness), continues to collapse.

Perhaps then we can not only enjoy a life full of health and vitality, and appreciation for our natural world, but an economy based on sustenance and numbers in, lets say, the mere $$ billions?

Best in health for 2011,

Dr Edward

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