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November 18, 2010 @ 07:38 AM
As we approach the New Year most people will begin to plan for their is often at the top of the list.  And this New Year will be 2011.....just that number alone is beginning to look surreal!

2012 is right around the corner, and the world is experiencing a re-awakening and transformation unlike any other in history.  This time was foreseen by the Mayans 5000 years ago, Nostradamus, and others.  It is an amazing and exciting time to be alive, but also very challenging and stressful.

Our current systems of civilization are simply failing.  Our healthcare, political, economical, and global climate systems have all been impacted and damaged beyond belief by the powers that be......without seeming pessimistic the reality is that greed and corruption HAVE damaged the current ways of life beyond repair.  These systems will fail, as they are UNSUSTAINABLE.

This is the reality of what is upon us, but with great adversity comes great opportunity, and that is what the New Medicine Foundation, through the DNA network, is out to provide.

We must re-learn what sustainability is, in all aspects of life.......and it begins with ourselves, and primarily our health.  Our vitality and enjoyment of life begins with health, and our ability to thrive every day without excessive discomfort, expense, or consumption.

Humanity has been progressing in a direction that is exactly the opposite for many decades.  And we have reached the tipping point of sustainability.  Our health, our way of life, our very vitality and purpose is in a downward spiral.

With the science, healing protocols, and health education of NMF, provided by all interested along with prosperity through the Detoxification Network of America, anyone is able to uncover the true causes behind their ailing bodies, regain health, and experience the freedom of well being within a matter of weeks to months.  The positive changes are remarkable in just the first few days.

And as a key ingredient to the NMF health and healing process is the re-education of natural sustainability, the new members lives are set for not only an increase in the abundance of health and vitality, but the increased prosperity and enjoyment of life delivered by a sustainable health-style.

Our failing health is at the root of our failing economy and geo-political systems as well, and our negative impacts on the global climate issues.  As we heal, we are more able to live without financially burdening excesses and illnesses, and our mental and physical peace and well-being allows for more positive relationships with all of those around us.  Our world benefits from our decreased consumption, and increased awareness and enjoyment of the beauty that surrounds us.

As one of my great mentors Dr. Mark Hyman stated when accepting the Linus Pauling Award, coveted in the field of Functional and Natural Healthcare, 'We cannot have world peace without world health'.  I don't believe we have much of a(n enjoyable) future without health.....

And the least important, but one of the most fun aspects of the DNA network, is the financial prosperity that is a natural side effect with the DNA opportunity.  For as we help others regain their health and improve their financial status, as they are freed forever from the monetary burdens of illness and unsustainable living, the costs associated with their failing health and way of life are tremendously reduced.  Truly 2/3 of the expense of illness and an unnatural and consumptive way of life may be removed through the NMF / DNA experience.  Getting truly healthy naturally truly for itself, again and again for all of the vitality filled years to come.

At DNA / NMF we welcome the upcoming renaissance of humanity, and feel that our mission is one of the key catalysts to our future health, prosperity, and purpose.

Best in health in 2011!

Dr Edward

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