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December 11, 2009 @ 04:14 PM

Fellow humans, our health is under attack from our polluted environment and food supply.

And while we hear from the traditionals that it's our genes that our at fault and gene therapy and drugs are what we need, all we really need is to get back to more natural one with mother nature, our earth.

Diabetes is probably the best example of this, and the easiest to fix.  Yes, I said diabetes is completely reversible......if its not too far gone.

Diabetes is very simply a disorder of excess INSULIN.  Too many sugary / starchy foods create a chronic state of too much insulin being produced in our body to tell all the sugar where to go.  So think twice before you have another soda or energy drink!

Over time this results in the insulin not working, and our bodies needing higher and higher levels to keep the excess sugars packed away into our cells.......our fatter and fatter cells. Eventually, the higher and higher insulin levels still can't keep our sugar levels low, and the blood sugar levels climb wreaking havoc on our bodies eyes, organs, brains, etc.

But the real problem starts with the insulin from the dietary sugar.  So checking fasting INSULIN levels is what all doctors should do.  And this is exactly what New Medicine Foundation doctors do.  We can see diabetes coming from years, decades away.  If you only test blood sugar you typically only find diabetes when it's already too late.

And just as simply as it starts, diabetes can be stopped, and along with it the usual excess weight problems and other typical correlating health issues such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, low energy, low stamina and sex drive etc.

When you fix the diet and remove all of the poisons we're being fed and sold not to mention medications, and replace what's missing in the body from our nutrient deficient diets and chemically saturated world, the body heals itself.

At NMF diabetes is typically reversed in 6 weeks or less, not to mention weight loss results of 30 to 40, even 50 pounds safely and nutritionally in the same amount of time.  Insulin levels can plummet from 30 or more down to 5 or less, where it is healthy, with the right healthcare game plan.  

And one of the best skills in life to excel at first is your health, because with good health, a lean and mean body, and lots of energy and motivation anything else is possible!

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NMF is out to help people be their healthiest and fittest naturally while saving our environment in all corners of the world.

Yours in great health,

Dr Edward

ps.  once again, think twice or THREE times before having another soda or energy drink.   Clean healthy water and natural and organic teas and coffee are good for the body and pack plenty of punch for your next activity!

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