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November 02, 2010 @ 07:35 PM

The great transformation is truly upon us, and in no way more obvious than our failing health.

Physically and mentally our bodies are breaking down, and our reliance on the synthetic solutions of the traditional / modern / western food and medical acute and emergency care system is why.

For several years more people have searched for healthcare solutions in the world of 'Complimentary and Alternative Medicine' or CAM than in the traditional 'Sick Care' system.  We also know that the American sickcare system is not only unhealthy as we are ranked 38th in the world regarding health and worsening, but that our system is also bankrupting itself and the entire country.

We are living at such an 'exciting' however stressful time in history, with so many previous systems of life and civilization failing.  Everything from our global economies, geo-political relations, climate change, and especially our healthcare systems are crumbling.........and together as all are obviously linked.

The New Medicine Foundation feels that the area that stands out from the rest, truly at the center of these crumbling systems is that of healthcare.  Our failing health and healthcare systems links the effects of artificial and manipulated foods, the expenses of the sick care approach, the greed behind the failing economies and healthcare industries, the artificial effects worsening / amplifying the global climate change, and most importantly the worsening way we all FEEL.....thus straining all relationships from personal and family to global and geo-political.

We are surrounded by the wonders of nature on this beautiful planet, and in this overwhelmingly expansive and awe-inspiring Universe, yet we are more and more stressed, unhappy, tired, and sick every year.  This way of life is truly at a transition point which we believe is part of what was predicted by the Mayans, Nostradamus, and others as we approach some kind of re-birth, re-awakening, or (hopefully not) an ending in or around 2012.

We are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, more and more are saddened by the effects we are obviously having on other species and our world, and as the global economy goes through shudders of failing breaths all people alike are searching for purpose, prosperity, even the true meaning of life along with the ability for simply a healthy life first and foremost.  Our children are now becoming more and more sick and younger ages, and our epidemics are all worsening.  The time to accept a new renaissance is upon us before it is too late.

By simply returning to the balance of nature, but using cutting edge understanding of biochemistry to include appropriate hormonal and nutritional balance, and re-educating ourseleves on the importance of natural sources of foods and health remedies instead of the increasing synthetic and toxic reliance that has so ruined ourselves, our planet, and our economies, NMF restores health, quickly.

While it is not rocket science, the biochemical evidence is comprehensive and elegant, and the solutions practical, efficient, and enjoyable.  Nearly all health 'conditions' can improve, heal, and be prevented.

By focusing primarily on natural health and the freedom from toxic lifestyles and solutions, it appears that most of our failing problems can benefit......our health, our economy, our ecology, and our happiness and positive experience on this planet.

Positive effects of this renewal of natural living are numerous, from lessening costs of our healthcare, to much more agreeable relationships and world affairs, to the decreasing toxicity of our environment, and restoration of our symbiosis with Mother Earth.

The great change is truly upon us and we are nearly within the final two year approach to the prophesized 2012.  It is time to welcome change back into our lives, and there is no better place to start than with our health and happiness.  When this is achieved a world of opportunity opens up to help deliver peace and prosperity to others, and regain what is truly our human purpose.

BE HEALTH for the holidays.

Dr Edward

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