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October 11, 2010 @ 05:34 PM
Happy Fall to the growing team at NMF / DNA.  We've had an exciting month with our top health-style counselor bringing in many new clients who are already experiencing the benefits of the DNA experience with restored health and vitality, freedom from medications, and the added benefit of dramatic weightloss.  DNA has also embraced the power of the virtual aspect of the health career opportunity and has already expanded to New York and the Pacific North West.  Great things are happening, and we thank our top counselors for leading the way and showing how easy and exciting it is to promote true health and prosper with DNA.

As we enter the last quarter of the year and approach 2011, we see some amazing things happening in DNA.  Our personalized website production is in full swing and should be completed shortly, and the DNA team is quickly expanding via the efficiency of the internet and the ability to deliver the New Medicine Foundation protocol anywhere in the world!  As the unfortunate state of our failing sick-care system continues to worsen and more and more search for answers, New Medicine is being heralded as truly the answer, with the science to prove it, to regaining our health.

And with the growing team of DNA counselors, we are about to change the world while restoring health and providing a new and rewarding career for anyone interested - anywhere in the world.  We will create 'health reps' to undo the damage being done by all of the 'drug reps' out there!

By the end of the year, we will be full speed ahead and growing faster than we can imagine.  While, unfortunately, many other business models struggle with our troubled economy, the DNA model is growing and poised to help bring thousands of people prosperity and health!  And NOW is the time to find others to promote health to and share the gift of well-being and the DNA business opportunity for their NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!!


Thanks to all for sharing our vision of restoring natural health and helping New Medicine and DNA become the new healthcare standard for humanity.

This is the new Health E-conomy!

Best in health

Dr Edward

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