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September 30, 2010 @ 12:59 PM
As many of us search for (and find) the truths to the current state of things, two of my most trusted sources of information both happened to recently write excellent articles on the major root causes for the inevitable failure of our health and healthcare system.

The first from Charles Hugh Smith who succinctly explains why Medicare and Medicaid are doomed for bankruptcy, and, even more importantly, why the decision to be healthy is that of the individual, and that true 'healthcare' is not a right, as we are being led to believe, but a service that is valuable and should be appreciated by those who pay for it.  Thank you, Charles, for your continued information helping us to be prepared for the future changes quickly coming:

The second comes from Imperial Economics explaining similar concepts with a slightly different approach:

With these and other great sources of information available to us, it is not necessary to explain much more about why our currents system(s) are doomed and quickly nearing the cliff.  

NMF believes we have already passed the point of no return and, despite the propoganda of the MSM that we are all saved by the recently passed Health Care Reform Bill, in fact, this is simply more of the same:  sickcare based on symptom control with synthetic and excessive medications and surgical interventions, and very expensive economics that will only add costs to the systems and country that are already bankrupt.

NMF treatments are based on scientifically uncovering the true causes of illness even before symptoms arise.  By naturally correcting the foundational biochemical imbalances creating the state of illness and potential for disease in the body, health quickly returns and expensive illnesses are prevented and / or reversed. Key in the maintenance in the newly regained state of health is the patient educational experience which is just as much part of the overall solution as the science and healing.

This kind of healthcare is not only inexpensive to apply but reduces costs of living and future costs of illness care by roughly 2/3.  Of course, our multinational corporations profiting from the excesses of sickcare do not want to hear this.

The time is now to change the standards of health in this country and other modern countries.  By quickly detoxifying our bodies and lifestyles, documenting the underlying biochemical imbalances with comprehensive and appropriate testing, and restoring any hormonal and nutritional imbalances organically, NMF believes that instead of 98% of all people experiencing the downward spirals of poor health and exhorbitant expenses of chronic illness, 98% can experience reclamation of their health and the freedom and wealth of wellbeing.

Experience the new standard of New Medicine healthcare, restore your health, and benefit from the increased vitality and financial rewards of being truly free from illness.  As the rest of the world follows the doomed sickcare systems as they march of the cliff of illness / bankruptcy, humanity will need a new leader to show the way to life, longevity, and sustainability.

Best in health,

Dr Edward

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