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September 24, 2010 @ 02:18 PM

The increasing number of people 'sick and tired of feeling sick and tired' and looking for answers outside of traditional / Western / modern medicine are finding partial solutions in a number of different 'alternative' healthcare options.

Some initially find benefit with the structural / neurological / electrical balancing done with the combination of chiropractic and acupuncture often found together and blended with various parts of nutritional and herbal therapies. Certainly these are key aspects of health which allow the body energies to flow properly and grant optimal communication between all of the organ systems and cells of the body.  There are many different styles of this area of care, and most have been in existence for thousands of years.

But is this enough?  Probably not.

Others find benefit with the biochemical / hormonal / nutritional balancing done with various practitioners of alternative / complementary / aging related medicine practices.  Certainly these imbalances also are key aspects of healing which are extremely unbalanced these days.  New Medicine is becoming accepted as the standard for scientifically documenting these imbalances and efficiently and naturally correcting them at optimal levels specific for each individual and their particular point in life.  Unfortunately, with other organizations we see more harm and ineffectiveness being done than help.  We find the theories and science behind others that claim to specialize in these areas very weak and focused on therapies that can often do more harm than good and are very often ineffective, and wasteful. Some include excessive anti-aging hormonal therapy, chelation, and excessive nutritional mega therapy.

Is this on the right track?  Aside from the approach of the New Medicine Foundation, NO.

And lastly, there are those who reach for what we feel is the most difficult area of health balance to reach.....that of the Mind / Body / Emotional connection to health.  While certainly powerful, and while lacking 'science' to document but known intuitively to be possibly the most important influence on life and health, it is extremely difficult to attain 'spiritual' balance when so imbalanced in the other two areas. 

Is spiritual balance enough to overcome the epidemics of chronic illness?......probably not.  In fact, our most admired spiritual leaders, while leading longer and much more productive / happier lives, are still falling ill eventually with chronic illness.  Our bodies were not designed to do this.

Balance in all three of these areas is key to ultimate health, happiness, and longevity.  And one can start the healing process in any one or several of the three areas simulataneously. However, NMF believes that by quickly correcting the biochemical imbalances which are at truly epidemic levels in modern societies, we are then much more able to have balance restored at the neuro-structural and, ultimately, our most powerful but difficult to balance,  mind-body levels.  While the focus can be applied to healing at any level, we believe that by starting at the biochemical level and re-establishing a clean and pure 'terrain' our structural, electrical, and mental 'flow' can begin to function correctly again and be ready to 'accept' the restoration of balance there much more easily and efficiently.

For example, it is very difficult to find spiritual peace if biochemically toxic or 'addicted'.  It is difficult for a blocked neurological or electrical channel to be cleared if the biochemical pathways of flow are toxic and imbalanced.

NMF treatment quickly restores this balance to the biochemical terrain and allows the healing process to begin with a very large and noticeable first step in healing.  Toxins are removed, hormonal and nutritional balance restored, and the organic healthstyle education begun.  Moving on then to neurostructural and mind-body balance is exponentially easier.

By working together, NMF hopes to team all of the true health seeking patients and practitioners together to stand tall as the beacon of the future as our current sick-care based primary medical system fails into the epidemics of chronic illness.

Best in health,


Dr Edward

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