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September 17, 2010 @ 02:34 PM

The time of transition is fast approaching.  In all aspects of life, increasingly, people feel 'connected' to something greater......a purpose, a life force, a single consciousness.

The ways of life that humanity has been following for several centuries now are failing.  Our relationships on a global and personal scale are strained, our economic systems are breaking down, and our very bodies are deteriorating physically and mentally.  

We have tried to 'control' our world and all aspects of life, from manipulation of our food supplies, our value and money systems, and nearly all aspects of our environment.  We are attempting to play 'God'.

It is not working.

Chronic illnesses are epidemic.  Cancer may be the plague of our times.  Juvenile illnesses are increasing exponentially.  And drug use, both pharmaceutical and street, is increasing at alarming rates.  Deaths from unnatural causes now account for greater than 98% of all fatalities, while, interestingly, 98% of our genetics are perfect and programmed for long healthy lives.

Our physical and mental illnesses are at the heart of our economic and geo-political struggles.  

The synthetic and manipulative forces we are using to 'control' ourselves and our world are at the root of these problems.

We must get back to nature, in unison with our mother earth, and / or our creator depending on beliefs.

Economies will self balance when value manipulations cease.  

Tensions interpersonally and globally will ease when human beings are more mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy and at peace.

Global climate variations will rebalance when the strains placed on it by our heavily populated race are removed.

Health returns when the body is detoxified and natural biochemical balance is restored.  

NMF treatments are based on this science and provide healing efficiently and effectively.

The faltering directions of modern societies are headed towards a precarious precipice.  Our inner energies are telling us to break free from the herd and safely head in a different direction.  More are following that energy and peacefully know it to be true.

We will see great changes in the coming years.  It is an exciting yet scary time to be alive.  We must listen to our inner voices asking for change and welcome the solution  ~~ a return to balance, purpose, and nature.

Be health,


Dr Edward



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