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September 08, 2010 @ 01:16 PM

Amazingly it seems a future as predicted in movies such as 'The Matrix' is quickly becoming a reality.  Hopefully the good parts of that reality will continue to evolve, and we will NOT approach any of the negative aspects as seen in that great film or others such as 'Wall-E' or 'I Am Legend'.......though there are definite possibilities if we do not correct the directions of some of our paths.

We are now able to work, shop, communicate, educate, play and even 'travel' online......though for a few of these activities there will never be a substitute for the 'real' thing.

And though this new technology has brought great advancements and efficiencies to the world, it is not without its downside.  The 'Deficiency of Nature' and natural human needs is most definitely worsening.......

NMF believes the internet and the 'online world' is going to be a key ingredient in allowing humans to divert  from the self-destructive and globally consumptive ways of the last few centuries.  It appears that we are much more efficient and less wasteful in all resources, including time and natural resources, by operating as much as possible online.

Commerce, communication, shopping, and even education are fast becoming much more expedient and resourceful via the internet.

And now, amazingly,  most of our healthcare needs are available virtually with NMF.  This is not something that the foundation necessarily saw coming, but was demanded of us by the very patients we treated.  By coordinating the necessary laboratory evaluations and medical information gathering, healing tools, systems, natural products, and most importantly health education, support, and counseling all virtually, NMF is able to deliver corrective and preventative science-based natural healthcare from anywhere, and to anywhere, in the a few difficulties with international shipping which also get easier each year.

Virtual healthcare is here, and is desperately needed given the quickly worsening sickcare dilemmas of the modern world.  With more than a Billion people living in the modern world in need of NMF protocols to undo the toxically induced biochemical imbalances at the root cuase of the epidemics of chronic illness, NMF is poised to deliver this care and education so badly needed.  In doing so we hope to shave fully 1/3 from the cost of global sickcare.

While acute and emergency care will still be a real world need, as NMF becomes accepted as the standard of preventive and corrective healthcare much less of the expensive, toxic, and wasteful life support care will be needed and great savings will be afforded of all resources.  It contributes to an upward spiral of health and savings, globally.

All other aspects of virtual human interaction, with its efficiencies and savings, we think truly will be a key part in saving Humanity and our world from its downward the natural world is left for enjoyment and appreciation and the more typcally wasteful and destructive human activities are carried out online with much improved efficiency and savings.

Through NMF and DNA true health can be recovered and enjoyed from the comfort of your home through technology and natural health investigation, correction, and education.

Once health is restored however, NMF educates on the importance of an increased and balanced return to the natural world to help rejuvenate and rebalance ourselves to the world energy we evolved / were created to live in symbiosis with.  Without a doubt we all need much more time spent with our Mother Nature......with our feet in the sand / earth, sun on our skin, fresh air in our lungs and waters in our bodies.  Interacting with the other life on this planet is one of the key ingredients to life draw parallels once again to Hollywood, we already live in the Pandora of Avatar but unfortunately can no longer see / interact with most of it.  The veils of the toxicity of our current failing way of life must, and will soon be, lifted whether by choice or by necessity.

While a 'Nature Deficiency' is a key part to our chronic health problems, health may be now restored virtually while we are allowed to leave our natural world more at peace for the health and enjoyment of our species and the living world around us.

Best in health in 2010,


Dr Edward



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