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December 11, 2009 @ 04:13 PM

It's an ugly word isn't it?  And while it may not be Politically Correct to say it that bluntly, the fact of the matter is most people in the developed world are overweight, obese, have a high body mass index......whatever you want to call it.

And while being overweight is not the primary aspect of health, it is a major indicator that we are NOT in a state of good health.........just like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low energy, depressed mood, etc.  Being 'FAT' is linked to all causes of disease and higher death rates.

Advanced societies are getting fatter and there is no way around the facts.  We are OVERFED and UNDER NOURISHED.  We consume too many calories that have little nutritional value. And we are becoming more and more TOXIC.

FATTY tissue stores toxins and creates toxins.  As a results our hormones become imbalanced and we get hungrier, and fatter.  There is no pill, no magic bullet, no gene therapy to reverse what is happening to us.  But there is a solution.

Diet and exercise?  Well, kind of but there's much more to it because we have become so toxic and imbalanced that this is very difficult these days.  One bad meal from uncontrollable cravings of the toxicity and hormonal imbalance can set someone back 10 pounds from the 5 pounds they just tried so hard to lose over the past weeks sweating at the gym.

Just look at most the gym.....our teachers......our doctors.....our LEADERS!

So we must eat right and as we feel better we should move our bodies, but the ANSWER lies in DETOXIFYING  our bodies.  The doctors of the New Medicine Foundation can show the biochemical signs of toxicity in regular labs and use a proprietary and natural detoxification system to truly cleanse the poisons out of the fat and metabolize the fat itself from the body, while teaching people how to eat real food again and avoid the endless onslaught of increasingly toxic foods.

Of course the medicine practiced also includes proper replacement of key things missing from the body which helps you feel better mentally and physically and get moving, but detoxifying the chemicals and toxic producing FAT from your body is a key step in regaining health and having a chance at a life free from the epidemics of chronic disease.

The GOOD NEWS is that when this is done right unwanted fat and toxic weight literally disappears quickly from the body, as much as 5 - 15 pounds in the first week and around 5 pounds a week thereafter on average as the thanks its owner for restoring a clean environment to itself.

DETOXIFICATION is the new vacation, so necessary in our toxic and increasingly 'fat' world. Learn how easy and fun it is and restore health to your body and get rid of those pounds and learn how to keep them off.  

Be health,


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