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August 11, 2010 @ 07:08 PM

The winds are changing, and the time of the true paradigm shift in healthcare is nearing.

Thousands of people are on the great ship of the New Medicine movement and are enjoying the wonders of a naturally healthy, drug free, physically and mentally energized life of well-being.

But this is a huge movement and a huge shift in the way people have been led to think of health and healing currently.  Though we face continued strong headwinds, the end result of the acceptance of the New Medicine standard is only a matter of time.  The science is too clear and elegant, the results too naturally amazing, and the numbers of people demanding its efficient treatments too numerous.

Unfortunately, we have been led astray for decades now, but the gathering winds of change are very powerful.  


       The forces that be have placed many regulations on what is accepted as 'gold standard' drug and surgery based preventative care. The powers behind these are quite unwilling to lose the profits generated by so many addicted to their products and interventions, and fake foods.  Those willing to lead have realized that certain rules were made to be broken, not followed, and the rapidly declined states of our health are now demanding a new way of thinking and being.


       Biochemical imblance and chronic disease is an epidemic. 98% are developing and will die of unnatural causes, though we are told otherwise by the system......that it is simple genetics.   As a race, we are becoming more and more ill and dependent on 'life support' medications and interventions.  Many of our youngest generation are now  ill, and we must see through the physical and mental deficiencies to be aware of the new medicine natural truths that are so readily available and effective.  But to heal so many who are unhealthy,  the movement must grow stronger exponentially.  A hurricane of welcome change is coming, soon.  But it must replace the thousands of tornadoes of destructive ideologies and synthetic, addictive, and dangerous treatment standards put in place by the decades of rule by the governing bodies.


        Most likely a very carefully thought out piece of the plan to take away our ability and desire to care for ourselves, we now think of healthcare as an entitlement.  As does welfare, food stamps, or free housing, the healthcare reform bill could be the last nail in the coffin of our desire to take responsibility for our own lives.  'Does my insurance cover this'?  'Will I qualify for free healthcare?'.  'Do you have any free samples'?  While so many feel unwilling to take responsiblity and realize the enormity of the cost SAVINGS they will enjoy as a side effects of the freedoms of true well-being, the HCR will actually doom our terminally ill sickcare system which is unaffordable, unsustainable, and completely incapable of sustaining life itself.

Now since the launch of the DNA movement career opportunity, past NMF patients are filling their own ships full of clients they are helping make aware to the ease and joy of life when free from disease, medications, and the traditional sickcare system expenses and headaches. 

Our boats are buidling speed, gaining momentum, and attracting people seeking health from all walks of life and countries around the globe.

The headwinds remain strong, the waters are rough......but the natural winds filling our sails are limitless as is the passion of humanity and the power of nature.  The tornadoes are beginning to fade, and our gathering force of health and change is building speed.  NMF and DNA are forming a mass movement of natural health-loving humans who know the time for health and healing is now for ourselves, and for our planet.

Be a part of our mission to 'be healthy' and help others achieve the same.

For the future of our race and one-ness with our planet the time is now.

Free yourself and all of those around you from the chains of chronic illness and synthetic medications.  Achieve true natural health and experience the freedom (and monetary savings and rewards) of well being.

Live New Live Long in 2010,


Dr Edward


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