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July 26, 2010 @ 05:58 PM

As our US 'best in the world' sick-care system continues careening towards the cliff / spiraling down the drain, the average patients continue to scratch their heads and wonder why we simply keep getting fatter / sicker despite our huge $$$ healthcare expenses.

While we continued to be sold on the idea that it is our genetics at fault and we would all be much sicker if not for the ever increasing number of diagnostic tests run and medications and surgeries used to sustain our ailing bodies, it is becoming quite obvious that this belief system is just as flawed as our failing economic system.

While the science behind the New Medicine Foundation's healing protocols is extensive and decades deep in compilation......the severe biochemical imbalances, toxicities, and nutrtitional and hormonal deficiencies can be explained quite simply.

The excesses must be removed (detoxification and education) and the deficiencies restored (nutritional and hormonal replacement).

At the core of the first part of the 'Remove & Replace' paradigm are the excesses of 3 key and powerful hormones:

1.     LEPTIN - This is a fairly recently discovered and very powerful hormone that is present in increasing amounts and actually creates a positive feedback loop that gets worse as we get heavier and hungrier.  As we all seem to be heavier than we should be, the body produces leptin in increasing amounts to try to suppress our hunger feedback mechanism.  But as we get heavier and leptin amounts increase, our receptors for this hormone DOWN-REGULATE, that is get fewer in number, and it takes more and more leptin to have the same 'I'm Full' effects.  Bottom line, the heavier we get the hungrier we feel, and the hungrier we feel the heavier we become.  This is also why 'diets' don't work and the hunger response will always win.  Mixed in also are excessive amounts of stimulation and adrenal deficiencies, especially at night, and it becomes a battle we will lose everytime.  Important in correcting this Leptin excess and resistance are NMF's protocols to naturally provide fat burning energy to eliminate the hunger response as the Letpin levels are scientifically monitored and reduced, thus restoring Leptin sensitivity as receptors UP-REGULATE.  We also suspect Leptin plays a role in inflammation and other key issues in poor health.

2.    INSULIN - This is a hormone much more well known and similarly present in excessive amounts as weight gains and poor dietary choices are followed.  It is a known contributor to fat depostion, inflammation, swelling, weight gain, hunger, and sugar swings, and of course, diabetes as well and all cause-chronic illness.  Again, NMF protocols monitor insulin levels and effectively and naturally reduce them quickly while educating the patient on the sources of insulinemic foods.  Thus, diabetes (type 2) is one of the most easily prevented and reversed of the chronic illnesses.

3.     ESTROGEN - This has quickly become (over the last several decades) one of mankind's favorite hormones, that due to its effects of increased effects on inflammation, fat deposition, water retention, cell divisoin and cancer, overly large uterus and prostate growth, excessive menstrual cycles, irritation, and on and on is extremely important in the development of chronic illnesses of all causes.  Common sources now are nearly all inorganic foods from livestock to GMO soybean, xenoestrogen petrochemical and agribusiness products, plastics, and the numerous synthetic estrogen containing medications themselves from birth control pills to menopausal hormones, and even bioidentical estrogens that are incorrectly prescribed by many more natural physicians.  The estrogen loads also must be reduced (detoxified) and the patient educated on the many sources that must be avoided.  The lack of information on estrogen loads alone in the 'battle against cancer' is just one major warning signs in the misdirection of our healthcare efforts.

By effectively testing for, monitoring, educating, and efficiently reducing the toxic and excessive levels of these three powerful hormones, NMF protocols begin to restore the biochemical balance needed for true health quickly in a manner very motivating to our patients.

As other key deficiencies are replaced and the patient experiences results within days to weeks, we see what the amazing human body is truly capable off when freed from the destructive forces at work in our modern world.

Our US SickCare system is doing nothing along these lines and needs to be positioned properly as custodians of emergency and acute care, but it is not at all based in true health and healing.

NMF will pave the way for the so badly needed 21st century healthcare systems to prevent and reverse illness with its basis in a perfect blend of science and nature.

Best in health,

Dr Edward


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