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July 12, 2010 @ 08:25 PM


Q: Isn't hCG a hormone?

A: hCG is not, by definition, a hormone, and any comparison with human growth hormone (hGH) suggests a fairly incomplete level of biochemical knowledge. By definition, a 'hormone' is produced by a gland and then circulated through the body to have effects elsewhere. It is not known where hCG is produced aside from the placenta during pregnancy, but hCG can be found in anyone's body in any tissue. Interesting.

Q: Isn't there a link between hCG and cancer?

A: This is one rumor among many with no scientific evidence. In fact, this protein has been used very frequently and for so many decades that it is fairly impressive how few If any reports of side effects have been reported.

Q: But doesn't the United States have the best healthcare system in the world?  Aren't these protocols not FDA approved?

A: Our SICKcare system is in a tailspin.  Chronic illness is epidemic and unnatural.  Cancer is truly THE epidemic of our time having recently surpassed CV disease as the #1 killer.   However, we are somewhat blind to this fact due to it's insidious onset.  Human beings in general don't seem very capable of observing change that happens in periods longer than 50 years.....and with toxicity really being THE primary problem, in a word then, cancer seems the likely most common result.....our confused bodies, literally our very DNA (no coincidence there), turning on ourselves. With 1/2 women and 1/3 men now destined to develop cancer, and the question becoming not if but when and perhaps occurring not just once but perhaps multiple times and sometimes at different locations, we better do something and soon.  It's fairly obvious FDA approved protocols, while great at emergency care and illness maintenance, are not effective for illness prevention or true health.

NMF protocols for health and healing are natural, time-tested, effective, and extremely educational.   There is incredible and fairly elegant science behind the CellCenter detoxification program and all of NMFs approaches to healing.  Given our accelerating downward spiral of illness......we know this to be the right idea, and the right time. 

We are witnessing devolution in many other major aspects of our time, and we believe NMF care and the DNA movement  just might be instrumental in turning our entire species around before we see something truly frightening.  As we head down the path of genetic engineering and gene therapy, we will find specific genes that are at fault for all of our self -created ailments, and we are extremely fearful that we will create problems that are not only irreversible, but genetic mutations will occur that will be carried on to further generations. Luckily we are able, using our NMF tools, to detoxify and rebalance ourselves and undo most of the damage.

Scenarios such as those portrayed in 'I Am Legend', 'wall-E ', and 'The Matrix', may very well be in our near future.

Without world health we may never have world peace. So we'd better hurry up 

NMF has the science and tools to heal our ailing brothers and sisters while providing new purpose and meaning to so many who only know work as money and are failing in health wealth and meaning. We think about the size of the entire pharmacy industry as our goal. 

Best in health,

Dr Edward

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