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December 11, 2009 @ 04:05 PM

Medications have become the basis of our entire healthcare system.  When you go to a doctor today chances are you are going to leave with a new prescription for a medication.  In fact, most doctors and patients now feel like nothing has really been done unless an Rx was given.

But is this the answer to our worsening health?  Do we really simply need to keep adding, researching, and creating new medications?

Do people who stay on their multiple medications long term live forever and not die of something unnatural?

I think you know my answer is a resounding NO!  

It doesn't make ANY sense that our bodies were designed will all of these flaws that require more synthetic and unnatural medications to maintain.  And even those who do follow doctors orders and take all of their medications for years and years STILL feel pretty unhealthy an wind up having serious medical conditions that lead to the ultimate demise.

So is more medication really solving the dilemmas of poor health today?  Obviously not.

Now of course there is always a time and a place that the power and strength of medications (and surgeries) are needed to artificially maintain life in a body that is unable to heal itself.  So injuries, severe infections, chronic illnesses that are near end stage such as a heart attack, stroke, organ failure, etc are times when the wonders of 'modern' medicine are needed to artificially sustain life.

But first and foremost, and after the above crisis have passed we need to learn how to listen to the bodies symtpoms and restore balance to the body to allow it to HEAL.  In fact, we need to HEAL HEALTHCARE from the ground up.

The fact of the matter is symptoms are not illnesses, they are signs that the body is imbalanced and needs rebalancing.  High blood pressure, weight problems, depression, energy problems, high cholesterol, clogged arteries are all SYMPTOMS arising from an unhealthy state.  Medications can artificially 'fudge the numbers' but do not restore a healthy balance to undo what led to the symptoms....... in fact they unfortunately make it worse as the medication is toxic to the body and the underlying imbalance is ignored.

The GOOD NEWS is humanity is fairly smart and we already have the answers  to what is truly CAUSING all of these health problems.  Build ups of excess toxins, hormonal excesses and deficiencies, and nutritional deficiencies are at the heart of most symtpoms and illness today. Simple lab tests can find these problems, it is actually quite obvious by a well trained New Medicine physician in most people today with just a glance and some good labs.  Then, we simply restore a healthy balance to the body.  

We REMOVE the bad and REPLACE the good that is missing.  We do this with natural bio-identical, organic compounds to include food, nutrients, vitamins, and hormones.  Some are prescription, some are not but that is really just a formality and all are needed to restore a healthy balance and allow the body to HEAL from the inside out, from cell to surface.

AMAZINGLY the body heals QUICKLY.  Symptoms DISAPPEAR.  Health is restored. Synthetic 'medications' are not needed.

This is the future of medicine........the future of healthcare........and will provide for the healthy and symbiotic preservation of our species and the earth!

Be Health,

Dr Edward

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