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May 24, 2010 @ 07:11 PM

There is no better time to get healthy and in shape than summer.  Whether its time to don the bathing suits, enjoy more sunshine, or avoid the increased, uncomfortable heat and sweating that a heavy and toxic body will produce, summer is time to recommit to natural health.

The most wonderful thing about natural health the NMF way is how quickly and easily it can be attained.  With the in-depth scienctific understanding of how to rebalance body chemistry quickly and naturally, improved energy, significant weight loss, and improved physical appearance can happen in just weeks.

It's amazing how overweight, fatigued, and downright dissatisfied many are with their health these days.  And its not complicated why this is true.  Increasingly toxic food, decreased activity and energy, and over-medication are the source of our ailments.

But with NMF there is time to commit to turning over a new, greener leaf with your health and to get in better shape and have greater vitality by summer.

THEN, when you have achieved your goals and lost 20-40 lbs in just 3-6 weeks naturally and healthfully, we will teach you how to stay there and why a 'fun 5lbs' is ok to fluctuate given travel and less-than-perfect food and drink available. 

But more importantly is how to avoid the 'terrible 10 or 20' pounds that so many can gain in just a short week or two if they don't apply a few key principles to their diets when traveling and especially on cruises and extended trips.

Even if one puts on a few extra pounds during the 'fun' summer activities, with a few key natural tricks and concepts that patients learn during the NMF experience and treatment, it is easy to get the pounds off and stay closer to an ideal body weight and mass.

It's also easy to learn some quick and easy exercise concepts to staying fit as well.......ideas that don't take hours in the gym sweating away.  Just basic daily food and activity schedules that are key to why people are having such a hard time losing weight and preventing illness these days.

Remember, toxicity is at the heart of our illnesses.  So when the pounds do get put on quickly, it's almost always toxic food and/or drink that is at the heart of it.  And the good news is that most of the weight gained quickly is inflammatory water weight and not fat that takes more than just days to create.

That is why easy on, easy off, IF you know what you are doing.

Best in health for a fun in the sun 2010 summer,


Dr Edward


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