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May 17, 2010 @ 05:06 PM

     The effects of androgens and cortisol are some of the many general health misconceptions.......and there are MANY! The most generally deficient are Testosterone and Progesterone.  Both are androgens and very RELAXING hormones.  The aggression associated with testosterone is due to the extremely suppressed natural levels in someone who is receiving large amounts of synthetic testosterone.  Men / couples who complain of aggression / anxiety / irritability / insomnia / depression issues are often shocked that one of the first things explained to them is that they are both deficient in androgens and need them to be replaced.  This is the first and foremost hormone deficiency in the modern world and is ubiquitous and epidemic and now present in children experiencing toxic developments and births.  It sets off a cascade of other deficiencies with adrenals being next in line.  It is also one of the most important factors in how mentally and physically unhealthy humans are today.  DHEA is also used in those who tolerate it as a foundational supporter of the androgen hormones and adrenal glands.

      Cortisol is secreted normally as shown in the graph included in saliva based adrenal stress index test results.  High levels are normally produced in the morning (to get up and going ~ similar to starting your car), and tapers throughout the day.  Levels should be nice and low at night.  As people do not sleep when the sun sets now and instead stay up with tv / entertainment, and their adrenals are trying to turn off for the night and cortisol levels are low.......they are unable to maintain blood sugar levels for the brain function and crave.......SUGAR.

     As we are stressed (Stage 1 adrenal fatigue), we are able to excrete increased cortisol levels for fight or flight.  We are all now stressed all the time living in a very unnatural world.  We progress through stage 1 adrenal fatigue very early on in life.  It allows us to keep up with the stress and deal with it until stage 2 when......

     Cortisol levels begin to fall off in the AM first and more throughout the day as our adrenals can't keep up.  Androgen deficiencies make the adrenal stress worse as the adrenals try to pick up the slack in production.  Imagine a QB without a Center to block.  

     As cortisol does many critical things for the body, this is where people begin to notice 'symptoms' or a 'diagnosis'..........AM lethargy, brain fog, sugar / salt cravings, wt GAIN, inflammatory / asthma / allergy / autoimmune problems, worsened mental state etc.......

     Stage 3 deficiency is a flat line with hardly any cortisol production. Typically these people are in bad shape and have been given several significant diagnosis already, often with overall toxicty, nutrition, deficiencies and stress worsened by a myriad of toxic medications.

     NMF has expanded on the concepts through years of research, practice and testing.   Many people will need cortisol every am and sometimes later in the day, sometimes not. ~ depending on symptoms and how your adrenals 'feel' that day.  For those in stage 3, the results can be earth shattering and immediate.

     People truly are depressed, anxious, fatigued, 'bipolar' (good days and bad days) but it isn't due to epidemics of these medical 'conditions' is due to worsening and epidemic hormonal and nutritional deficiencies, primarily caused by toxicity (all kinds) and stress.

     We highly recommend all poeple get their hormone levels checked and balanced accurately with NMF principles and guidance.


Best in health,

Dr Edward





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