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May 10, 2010 @ 06:23 PM

Many people find it unusual that knowledgeable, enlightened doctors immediately focus on the health of our gastrointestinal tract when addressing skin problems.

Our gastroinstestinal system is very nearly THE most important organ system in the body, being that which ingests and absorbs nutrients and information, processes and expels waste and toxins, AND houses the majority of our immune system.

Both the GI tract and our external skin, THE largest organ and responsible for protection for external elements, sweating, and detoxification itself, are comprised of similar epithelial cells and similar embryologic origins.

So when a patient exhibits skin problems, which are increasing in prevalence and most often auto-immune related, informed doctors immediately focus on the patients internal GI health.

As most conditions are handled in our traditional sick-care symptom control-drug-based system, this is completely OPPOSITE to how dermatologists and other specialists typically handle these problems.

Instead of turning the immune response responsible for the most often inflammatory skin problems off with potent, toxic, and dangerous synthetic steroids, New Medicine trained physicians look to BALANCE and STRENGTHEN the immune system.

Instead of ADDING more chemicals and toxins, we REMOVE and DETOXIFY offending chemicals and toxins, most often dietary- and medication-based.

Instead of using ANTI-biotics, we focus on the important effects of adding PROBIOTICS to the GI tract to strenghten the immune system and correct the commonly underyling DYSBIOSIS and poor health of the gut.....often from years of repeated anti-biotic exposure.

We look also at adequate nutritional and hormonal levels of certain very important and epidemically deficient immune / GI / skin regulators such as D3, androgens, and adrenal hormones.

And of course, the foods / chemicals / toxins that so many are pouring into their bodies these days, in addition to the common 'food allergens', are addressed, and the patient is re-educated about what real, nutrient-rich and organic foods are.  

Inflammatory foods are removed.  Anti-oxidant foods are replaced.  Omega 3 Oils and adequate hydration are emphasized.  Sugars, trans-fats, and all other excessive and inflammatory ingredients are understood and avoided.

The result is that severe and chronic skin conditions such as exzema, psoriasis, and even chronic non-healing wounds begin to heal and diminish......quickly.

Along the way, digestion improves, bowel function becomes more regular, and other nice 'side health effects' are experienced such as improved energy, regulated hunger, and weight loss.

We must get away from the profit-driven, symptom-control based focus of our synthetic and toxic sickcare system. America does not have 'the best healthcare system in the world'.  In fact, it is one of the worst in regards to health maintenance and illness prevention. 

It is a good place to get sick or have an emergency, as acute and emergency care is the ONLY thing it is good at, and at that it is very good, if not excessively and unsustainably expensive.

But a 'health-care' system it is not.  And the prevalence and mistreatment of skin AND gastointestinal issues, from constipation to colon cancer, are obvious example of its failures.

Best in health,

Dr Edward



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