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April 19, 2010 @ 05:35 PM

With more people currently wanting and using alternative healthcare and spending more money on alternative healthcare treatments than traditional, it is worrisome to see how most of it is still being misused.

Alternative healthcare can be just as warped as mainstream sickcare.   Patients are most often sold high dollar and unnecessary tests, treatments, and remedies.

As I sit outside of a 'natural' food market, it pains me to see how nearly the same proportion of the clients are still obviously very far from health.  Most are overweight and with obvious signs of toxicity, hormonal and nutritional deficiencies and imbalance.

There is simply no point in loading up on 'functional' tests and supplements until a foundation for health has been restored in the body.  Why do a GastroIntestinal test when one is obviously suffering from a very clogged colon and 30 pounds of excess body weight?  Why load up on Selenium, Zinc, or some other natural but most likely unnecessary vitamin when one is not eating 100% organic and nutrient rich foods and has not cleared all of the accumulated toxins from their body?

NMF practitioners believe in functional testing, vitamins, and supplements, but not in putting the cart before the horse.

With skyrocketing rates of chronic disease, diabesity, cancers, and childhood illnesses what is needed FIRST AND FOREMOST is a return to a biochemical foundation for health.  What is necessary is:

1.    DETOXIFICATION  -  and not a product off the shelf, but a truly documented fat-mobilizing cellular cleanse.  NMF's CellCenter program is exactly that ~~ powerful, effective, and tested.

2.    ORGANIC NUTRITION  -  a return to real food, and an education and understanding of why most food in our world today is neither healthful nor beneficial.

3.    HORMONE AND NUTRIENT REPLACEMENT  -  these deficiencies are severe and need scientific documentation and replacement with standardized and high quality products.

Until these three things are done, it is typically  a waste of time and resources to do further testing and supplementation until this biochemical foundation has been restored.  

If additional symptoms persist, then by all means certain additional tests and supplements may be needed, but 90% of todays symptoms and illnesses resolve with the above three primary treatment principles of NMF.

Balance, education, and results are provided quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

And scientific testing based on standard bloodwork and hormone saliva testing are provided to prove and document the biochemical imbalances and their restoration.

Best in health,

Dr Edward 

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