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April 07, 2010 @ 02:18 PM

As the US propaganda machine continues to run at full speed to convince us that we should keep eating advertised multinational processed food and trust our 'best in the world' healthcare / sickcare system, the signs are becoming obvious that it is taking and increasing amount of media 'shock value' to keep our attention.

With unnatural man-made chronic illnesses like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and juvenile illnesses increasing at epidemic rates, the majority of Americans are looking for the truth in health care and healing.

The only reasons we continue to 'feed the monster' of our fake-food and pharmaceutically driven sick-care system is due to mass media delivered government entitlement handouts and ever more highly addictive foods / medicines.

The truths are becoming obvious as the media advertisment styles used become more emotionally pornographic, the political spin becomes more contorted and flat out untrue, our health worsens, and the masses of Americans still 'hooked' to all of the above become sicker / unhappier.

The next fix / meal of fat / sugar / salt / chemical-laden food or make-you-happy / feel-better-for-a-while pharmaceutical is becoming harder and harder to sell, as deep down, we Americans know things are not right, and we don't feel good.

Advertising for 'Double fat crusted super fried sugar / synthetic cheese bombs' hoping to entice / appeal to our 'the heck with it I want to feel satisfied for 10 minutes'  emotions is becoming more and more obviously perverted and disgusting.  Increasing numbers of  people are rapidly learning that their food 'sins' will cost them dearly for the rest of their lives.

Additionally, FDA / Big Pharma advertising 'It hurts to feel bad and you know you do so here's another 'happy' pill to get addicted to (in case you're one of the many that is already on 2-3 and they're not working anymore)' is becoming more and more obviously made in desperation to continue raising medication addiction and profits to new levels.

I won't even mention (I think I just did) that endless politico / economical spin we are sold that everything is ok, go borrow more and buy another doo-dad (thanks RK), the economy is getting better just spend more 'funny money'.

The TRUTHs are nearly completely exposed and should be more than obvious this year or next. 


The credit-based debt driven funny money flat economy is failing.  This is not a recovery, it is a ZIRP (zero interest rate percentage / free funny money) driven attempted reinflation of all of the bubbles that have popped previously.  It will fail, soon, in a more dramatic fashion than previous bubble-pops.  The global fiat currency system is imploding in a domino of sovereign debt implosions, of which the US is the domino that will set off a chain of the finale.


The processed / synthetic / toxic livestock based fake-food agribusiness system is at the heart of the current chronic illness epidemic, and is getting worse.  The multinationals in charge will make ever more increasingly toxic and nutrient-depleted foods delivered through their partners in crime / mass media advertising business to attempt to keep inflating their profits as the above economic system implodes.


The heavily toxic / invasive / risky medication and surgery-based sick-care system sold to us increasingly as 'the best healthcare system in the world' that the masses now have a 'right' to with the newly signed healthcare reform bill may be the 3rd card to fall as the house crumbles. This system only provides more entitlements to chronic illness life support, further encouraging people to keep believing and using the products of crisis #1 and #2.  Meanwhile chronic illnesses of both the old and young continue to increase at alarming rates as real science and nature are ignored.  God Move Over (GMO) tactics will continue to increase, again in the name of ever continued patents / profits / patient illness.


The final BRICK to fall, that is not really one of the foundational crisis but the end goal and result of #s 1-3, will be the collapse of our entire geopolitical system and the creation of a new world  / way of life.  The attempt will be made at a New World Order, but this too will fail, based on the same lies and deceipt which have led us to our current crisis.

The GOOD NEWS is the answer will be a return to standards.  NMF believes true health to be at the heart of life, as without health and life there is no need for economy / food / politics.  A return to a naturally based but modern science supported system of true HEALTHCARE will happen.  This is what NMF is creating and providing, at low cost and virtually.

A side effect of NMF healthcare is a return to real / organic / natural / Non 'New to Nature' foods and chemicals.  Grow a garden in your backyard.  Plant a tree.

A new economic system is needed / will be formed based on a return to a gold or some other standard based currency  system to rebuild a completely broken economy.

And a return to true leadership as the founders of this country provided.  Leadership based on courage, honesty, thrift, service, faith, etc.  We are fast heading towards a form of socialized democracy on the way to totalitarianism which crisis #1-3 are attempting to finance.  From our history, we know that these systems fail everytime, and not in a pleasant way.

The sooner we all realize that the end is near and it is taking full speed funny money / food / medicine / media / entitlements to keep us hooked to this failing way of life providing the economic support of the attempted transformation of our nation / world, the sooner we can escape and have a chance at living as nature / God intended......healthy, free, happy, and with meaningful lives.

Best in health / life in 2010,

Dr Edward


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