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April 05, 2010 @ 08:38 PM

NMF has great successes with reversing alcoholism and other addictions.  This comes from a theory  formulated from years as a Pain Management doctor and now a specialist in true natural health with our New Medicine Foundation.

Our theory is simply this:

As the stressors (adrenal) and living conditions in society worsen, especially through excessive toxification through our environmental, medicinal, and now foods supply synthetic chemicals, an immediate and severe decrease in hormones results.  First the androgens and subsequently the adrenal hormones and others (pancreas, thyroid, pituitary, growth hormone, etc......) are effected as the total stress / toxicity levels build.  These deficiencies are present now at birth and completely ignored by traditional medicine of course.  In fact, treatment and overmedication of the resulting 'symptoms' makes the deficiencies worse as all medicines are toxins and neuroendocrine disruptors themselves.

Though 'drugs' and other vices (street drugs, medications, alcohol in excess) are addictive in themselves (part due to additional worsening of the aforementioned deficiencies), these epidemics of hormone deficiencies are a large part of what drives the increasing addictive behaviors.  Sexual addiction, now becoming prevalent in the 'media', is also affected by these imbalances.

We know this to be true and easily reversible through extensive testing and treatment, and observation that when these deficiencies are replaced, the addictive behaviors, among many other problematic mental and physical issues, resolve.  This is not only easy to do but fairly inexpensive with efficient results and organic compounds.

Of course, our Pharma / FDA / AMA conglomerate does not want to hear this for fear of a loss in pharmaceutical revenue.  However completely true we know it to be.  Achieving hormonal balance is a large part of how we restore health both physically and mentally.

Anyone who tries to 'rehab' or 'medicate' themselves through addictions may have short term success and even an improved spritual balance, but the addictive behaviors will most likely always remain underlying until hormonal balance, and detoxification, are undergone.

Alcoholism and addiction are becoming epidemically worse in our societies, primarily due to the reasons stated above.

Achieve balance, and break the addictive biochemical imbalances for future mental AND physical health issues.

Best in health,

Dr Edward

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