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April 01, 2010 @ 05:38 PM

There is, of course, quite a bit of media information today about the rising rates of obesity (and diabetes).  Fully 1/3 of the American population are obese, and at least another 1/3 are overweight.

A recent article published in Scientific American discussed that eating fatty and 'junk' foods are actually addictive and create problems in the brains rewards center similar to drugs / street drugs.

While bad habits can certainly be addictive, what is not discussed here are the well known and scientifically based biochemical imbalances at the root of America's overeating.

First and foremost is the synthetic nature of all of the 'fake' food being sold to consumers.   Everything from packaged 'junk' foods to 'natural' produce and livestock products is raised / grown with tremendous amounts of synthetic chemicals. If products don't directly contain some form of genetically modified corn / hcfs, they most often are second generation corn products.....such as cows / fish / poultry that are nearly force fed this same corn instead of being raised on mixed grasses / seeds / grain as nature intended.

And as this primary toxicity issue does contain 'addictive' chemicals and create overeating behaviors, a second and even more powerful problem of natural biochemical imblance is created as body mass, insulin, estrogen, and perhaps the most powerful of all, the HUNGER REGULATING HORMONE LEPTIN, increase.

Thus insulin resistance leads to diabetes, estrogen excesses leads to feminization / inflammation / fat gain / water retention / activation / increased cancer rates / increased and abnormal sexual behavior etc., and the leptin resistance leads to a worsening cycle of overeating and hunger.

While LEPTIN is a fairly new hormone to the scene, NMF has been documenting AND CORRECTING these levels for years.  Thus NMF believes one of the most important brain chemistry issues that results from the Standard American Diet and over eating, LEPTIN RESISTANCE, is documentable and correctable.

Of course there are other issues too........adrenal fatigue issues and cortisol imbalance (usually deficiency), organic food education and access, etc...NMF addresses and corrects all of these.

These basic biochemistry and neurochemistry issues are reversable quite easily and efficiently with the right tools and science.

Please take time to read a previous article regarding Leptin.....

With the right tools, the most common problems with overeating and weight loss.........REDUCING HUNGER AND FOOD EDUCATION.........are fixed easily.  NMF systems average 20 pound weight losses during every 3 week organic detoxification.

With NMF systems, proper biochemical balance is restored, hunger is balanced, and obesity / diabetes corrected, all while medications are reduced and energy and psychological balance improves as well.  The proof is in the science and biochemistry.

These improvements help typical 'addictions' as well.

Best in health in 2010,

Dr Edward


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