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March 23, 2010 @ 01:04 PM

Blood pressure is simply a stress marker of our bodies.  As we feel 'stress', or the naturally known 'fight or flight' response, our pressures rise.  And while some of this naturally fluctuating systolic (upper number) and even a little bit of diastolic (lower number) is needed for these stress functions, long term elevated pressures are obviously bad for us.

HOWEVER, why would an estimated one BILLION people in the world have chronically elevated pressure and 'qualify' for 'treatment', which in this day of 'sickcare' means dangerous and side-effect laden medications?

First, the numbers that are used to qualify a patient as having 'hypertension' get lower every few years lobbied into existence by the ever-more-powerful pharmaceutical companies that provide the magic pills.

Secondly, and even more importantly, however, is that we are all living lives that our bodies experience as 'stressful'.  The reasons are many.......pressured time constraints, excessive work with diminished freedom and relaxation, media overexposure, excessive and increasing toxicities, diminishing nutritonal qualities of our 'fake food', and increasing exposure to the medications themselves that are supposedly the answer to all of our man-made illnesses.

There is no one fix for high blood medication NOR any natural supplement.  So for those touting a specific mineral, fish oil, or other natural miracle cure, that, unfortunately, is not the answer either.

What IS the answer is to REMOVE THE BODY STRESSORS IN TOTAL.  As a result. the stress response of high blood pressure typcially quickly resolves.  Of course the body should still respond with higher systolic pressure in times of more 'normal' stress, but this should not occur on a chronic basis, but only in times of excessive stress, fight, and flight!

NMF achieves this solution by detoxifying the body, restoring normal organic and nutritionally rich sources of food, restoring biochemical and hormonal balance to the body, which also in turn allows our bodies to handle environmental and 'every day' life stressors as well.

NMF also teaches to pursue and more 'balanced and normal' life with increased exposure to nature and quiet time, increased time away from all sources of media exposure, and increased oneness with your spiritual / natural / and family connections.

As a result, not only does high blood pressure correct quickly.....within days to weeks......but the excessive medications that a supposed BILLION  people in the world need can be eliminated, thus adding to an upward spiral of health and healing.

Listen to our bodies, and nature will do the rest.

Be health,

Dr Edward



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